Report: Microsoft Shut HTC Out of Windows 8 Development

With Computex Taipei in full swing this week, there is a lot of Windows 8 stuff on the show floor. Between tablets, ultrabooks, and hybrid tablet/ultrabooks, manufacturers are trying to cover all of their bases when it comes to the next iteration of Windows. However, one brand we haven't seen stamped across the front of a device running Windows 8 is HTC. Apparently, there could be a reason for that. According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is actively shutting HTC out.

Bloomberg cites people with knowledge of the matter that say Microsoft has locked HTC out of the development of products using the newest version its Windows OS because it's concerned HTC doesn't sell enough devices or have enough experience making tablets. Windows 8, with its touch-centric Metro UI, is definitely a tablet-friendly OS and many companies are developing ARM-powered slates running Windows RT. However, if these rumors are true, it seems Microsoft doesn't want HTC among them.

The story goes that HTC wanted to build a Windows device with a customized home screen that would distinguish HTC Windows devices from Windows devices manufactured by other companies. However, Microsoft apparently refused and HTC was subsequently left off the list of companies provided with early versions of Windows 8. Ouch.

As far as official statements are concerned, Microsoft referred to HTC as a 'strong partner now and for the future' while speaking to Bloomberg. HTC said it intends to support future versions of Windows but didn't specify whether or not that included Windows 8. More recent reports are saying HTC has denied the talk of a Windows 8 snub, with the company releasing the following statement:

"HTC has sold more than 40 million Windows Phones over the last 10 years and we are committed to future versions of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform more than ever."

However, this statement mentions only Windows Phone and nothing about Windows RT or Windows 8. So, not an out and out denial from HTC, really.

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  • damianrobertjones
    "Report: Microsoft Shut HTC Out of Windows 8 Development"

    Body of text:
    "According to the latest rumors, Microsoft is actively shutting HTC out."

    Terrible reporting Jane but then again you have to go with the 'sensational' article heading to spread the miss-information. People will read the headline and not bother to read the article. Damage done.
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  • craig_1000
    One sec who actually makes (puts together) nearly all of the tablets / mobile phones (Apple to name but one) and what relationship to HTC does that company have? Unless things have changed recently does not Foxcomm have a fairly close relatioship to HTC....
  • CaedenV
    Isn't it more likely that HTC wasn't willing to pay some form of fee or liscence agreement? I mean think about it... largest phone maker in the world... I am sure they could figure out how to make an over-sized phone without a cellular radio in it...

    Remember: MS is greedy, and more than willing to give betas away to the public for free, so there must be more to the story.
  • CKKwan
    Microsoft still wet dreaming that they have a monopoly power on the mobile sector... Time to wake up...