Microsoft Has Apple's Siri Admit Defeat in New TV Spot

Siri's voice is instantly recognizable to Apple users. The virtual assistant has been making appointments and directing iPhone users to their closest coffee house since October of 2011. However, iPhone users might be shocked to hear about Siri's latest gig: advertising for Microsoft.


Microsoft's latest ad is using Siri's own voice to tell users about all the things the iOS personal assistant can't do. "Sorry, I don't update like that," she says as Microsoft's Live Tiles auto-update on a tablet nearby. "I'm sorry, I can only do one thing at a time," she says, as a user starts to multitask on the Windows 8 device. Siri eventually gives up on trying to keep up and suggests a few bars of 'Chopsticks' instead. Microsoft wraps up the ad by pointing out how expensive the iPad is compared to the Asus VivoTab Smart that's being used in the commercial.

Microsoft is no stranger to trashing its competitors these days. The company has been ragging on Google for months via its "Don't Get Scroogled" campaign and recently targeted Google Docs in two new commercials that labeled the service unstable, unreliable, and a gamble. Ouch.

Check out Microsoft's latest ad below: