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COMPUTEX: World of Warcraft on Moorestown

World of Warcraft gamers may finally see their wish come true: the MMORPG running on a pocket-sized device. A demonstration during the Ultra Mobility Group Keynote at Computex 2010 showed Blizzard's PC game running on a Moorestown portable device. But we have to be honest here--based on the footage, it wasn't running all that great, rendering choppy graphics as the camera panned around the character.

Quake III Arena however was a different story--it looked brilliant, sporting liquefied framerates as if it were installed on a high-end PC. According to the presentation, the device was rendering the game at 90fps--phenomenal for a handheld device. Quake 3 Arena has already made its way to the Android platform, performing admirably (depending on the hardware) despite a lack of a solid control scheme. It doesn't look this good though. Not by a long shot.

Outside World of Warcraft and Quake III Arena, the demonstration showed other applications using Moorestown including Scalado, an awesome imaging program. The Moorestown device was actually allowing the user to manipulate images while the movie Avatar was running in a separate window. That's right--true multitasking has finally come to mobile devices.

To check out Moorestown in action, check out the video below. While the audio is hard to understand, the imagery itself is enough to get anyone excited about the future of mobile devices.