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Thecus Announces Two ''Intelligent'' NAS Units

Thecus' new lineup of NAS servers have been designed to "improve user experience and satisfaction" and offers a number of features that may just end up revolutionize this sector of the market. The N2520 and N4520 are largely identical NAS units with the exception of the former having 2 drive bays and 1 GB of RAM and the latter having 4 drive bays and 2 GB of RAM. Both servers are powered by the Intel Atom CE315 Atom SoC and are rated to consume no more than 9W at idle and 14W at load, additionally the units produce just 20 dB of noise and have HDMI outputs.

Additional features include DDNS to easily set up a personal cloud server and "Intelligent NAS Management" which combined with the TrecusOS allows automatic updates, management of the NAS through a dedicated client instead of a web browser and an initial setup time of just 5 minutes.

Details on pricing and availability are still unknown, but we can expect more information from Thecus during CeBIT 2013.

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