NEC Has a Huge 52-inch Tablet On Wheels

Over the last year or so, we've seen smartphones grow from an average screen-size of roughly 3.5 inches to 4 or 4.5 inches. Many feel that these phones are inching closer to tablet territory than smartphones, but it's all relative, right? Well, if you're using NEC's X-Info Table as your frame of reference, you're probably a-okay with your phone being four or five inches in size.

NEC this week unveiled the X-Info table, a device it's describing as a "multi-touch tablet incorporated into a table." Measuring in at 52 inches and supporting 10-point multitouch (meaning you could have 10 fingers in there if you wanted to), the device also features a scanning function and digital camera, so you can scan documents and files. It weighs a grand total of 160kg (just over 350 pounds) and features a full HD 1920×1080 display, an Intel Core i7 CPU, 6GB of RAM, 3 x USB ports, GIS support and Windows 7.

NEC says its targeting all kinds of consumers with this one, but specifically mentions governments, universities and research institutions. The company has plans to start shipping the table in February of 2012.

(via TechCrunch)

  • bavman
    iPad killer
  • beoza
    Put these guys in Star Trek uniforms change the office background to Engineering on the ST: TNG series Enterprise then make the base of the table look more futuristic and you see where they got their inspiration for this idea.
  • ikyung
    Looks like one of those old-school table arcade games from the 80s. Oh yeah, that gives me an idea. Put some pacman and pong apps on it and put it in the office.
  • nukemaster
    Similar to MS Surface.

    or a parody for those who need a laugh(note the 2007 date)
  • JasonAkkerman
    350 pounds? What the heck did they build into that thing?
  • daygall

    on a more serious note... *ahem*

    hang that sucker on a wall, and good god i can see the uses for companies like game devs, replace the whiteboard with that, and you instantly can call up anything project related to a idea bubble with like a hyper link.

    example - skyrim is a good choice cause of how big it is, you have the dragon concept art, animation file, animation demo, tech demo, all scrollable in a sub menu that functions on a tags system. Lets say that you have a question on the old board about interaction and styling, with this you could pull up all the current info from the departments @ a meeting and show an active splice of what you think would work, pull animations, character AI and make your pitch

    i can see this having great developmental potential
  • bak0n
    Table hockey anyone?
  • de5_Roy
    looks like a laid down version of multi-touch all-in-one pc or microsoft's tabletop pc. and 52" for 1080p is a bit too big (less ppi).
  • ojas
    nice idea, plus no underpowered hardware. though how on earth is this a "tablet"? It's a huge monitor with proper desktop hardware in a table dammit. Call it what it is?

    de5_royand 52" for 1080p is a bit too big (less ppi).was wondering the same thing...should have been a higher res, especially since it's intended for close quarters use.
  • ojas
    nukemasterSimilar to MS a parody for those who need a laugh(note the 2007 date) that apple! lmao