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Netgear Launches Sub-$500 Gigabit Firewall

Netgear said Monday that it had launched the ProSafe Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall (SRX5308), a sub-$500 device that features hardware-accelerated data flow architecture that enables 1 Gbps LAN-to-WAN firewall throughput. The company also said that it also supports up to 125 IPsec VPN tunnels and 50 SSL VPN tunnels simultaneously, the latter of which uses industry-strength encryption algorithms, automatic cache cleanup, and more.

Boasting high performance, the SRX5308 will protect networks against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and "curb" hacker threats using Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). The device also offers URL keyword filtering, SYSLOG support, a configurable hardware DMZ port, e-mail reporting, logging and real-time alerts.

"Quality-of-Service (QoS), WAN traffic metering, and bandwidth profiling give network managers granular bandwidth management capabilities, while VLAN support enables separation of guest traffic from critical production servers," the company said. "Four Gigabit LAN ports enable maximum internal data transfer speeds, while the four Gigabit WAN ports provide two modes of session-based load balancing as well as failover protection to ensure maximum throughput and reliable connectivity to the Internet."

Netgear's new ProSafe Quad WAN Gigabit SSL VPN Firewall is compatible with Windows, UNIX, Macintosh, and Linux OS. The device is available now with a street price starting at $499 at various outlets.

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