Nintendo Focusing on Wii U Games; No More Wii Titles

With the Wii U's announcement, it was only a matter of time before Nintendo abandoned its old platform in favor of supporting the new. Wii sales slowed down significantly in the past two years. With another first-day sellout console on its hands, it's no surprise that Nintendo's decided to move on.

Speaking to Gamespot, Nintendo of America Director of Product Marketing Bill Trinen confirmed this tidbit in an interview. When asked whether Nintendo had anything in the works for the Wii, he responded, "No, there are not right now."

According to Polygon, if Nintendo's stopped development for the Wii, then Kirby's Dream Collection, which launched in North America on the 16th, will be Nintendo's swan song to the console.

Sadly, it might be time to trade in your Wiis or shelf them, and welcome a new Wii U-only era of Nintendo.

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  • fuzzion
    "No, there are not right now."

    Hmmm this does not seem right
  • computernerdforlife
    +1 to fuzzion. That sounds like poor translations at best.

    Guess for fun: we'll see another article soon saying this isn't true.
  • nukemaster
    This is not news. Nintendo tends to put its old systems to bed rather quick(not counting handhelds).