Noctua Debuts Brilliant 2-in-1 Concept For Silent Xeon Workstations


Vienna (Austria) - A small Austrian company is making great progress into the world of air-cooled workstations: Noctua has come up with a quiet wind tunnel cooling system for 2-socket Xeon systems.

Air-cooling products for Intel Xeon-based workstations aren’t exactly attractive today, shipping without heatpipes, but fans that are loud and relatively small. Noctua had an interesting alternative on display at Computex that could provide an option for Xeon users who are concerned about the noise and cooling performance of their computer.

The company’s NH-U12DX and NH-U9DX models are 2-in-1 cooler setups designed for dual-socket (771) Xeon processor boards. What makes this cooler special is a unique fin design that enabled Noctua to create a wind tunnel system, which consists out two collers that are connected by a 120 mm fan.

Noctua plans on shipping both coolers in July.