Nokia Announces $20 Phone, Battery Lasts One Month

Nokia has announced its 105 entry level phone at this year's Mobile World Congress, with the device costing $20.

The Nokia 105 will be available in either cyan or black and will offer a flashlight, as well as a 35-day-long battery life in standby time. It also offers a "bright color screen with clear menus and essentials" such as FM radio and multiple alarm clocks.

A speaking clock is also included, as is a dust and splash-proof keypad. Its operating system is a Series 30 UI, while the device's LCD screen is 1.4 inches with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels (128 pixels- per-inch).

Nokia's 105 is scheduled for a Q1 2013 launch in China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Vietnam, and other markets in Africa, the Middle East, the Asian-Pacific and Europe.

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  • faster23rd
    Could this be the prodigal son of 3310? Or is this another cheapskate solution to tap developing markets?
  • The Scion of Balance
    While other phones cost more than $200 but with battery life less than 2 days.

    Ah, the irony...
  • CaedenV
    Just like my old phones that I use to absolutely love! Those old Nokia Bricks were the perfect simple phone. If I am ever not able to have my smart phone then I will be all over this. And a 1 month battery life!?! That is ridiculous! I remember being so happy because my old phone consistently got 1 week of battery out of it. Going 4+ weeks of use would be wonderful. This is where having some sort of passive charging would come in handy. Slap a solar panel on the back of it and let it sit in the sun for one day a month and you would never run out of juice.
  • Non-Euclidean
    This was a blown opportunity. Some silver paint and a fruit logo on the back and they could have charged $100.00 for it.
  • digiex
    These cheap phones, when they arrive in the Philippines, the price will be doubled.
  • This better be indestructible
  • I will admit I still use an ancient Nokia phone that has similar features and whose battery can live forever tucked in the door pocket of my truck. If they start selling them here, I might be moved to upgrade my 15 year old phone.
  • Perfect for my parents.
  • ajrm
    There are so many $20 Nokia phones with similar features,, not sure why this is News. , Also you cannot call it a $20 Dollar phone when exchange rates are not the same in all the countries it is available in.
  • halcyon
    Well, for all the folks complaining about battery life here you go. Enjoy all this phone's capabilities.