Nokia May be Planning an Android Smartphone

Despite Nokia's close relationship with Microsoft due to the former's support for Windows Phone 8 and  arlier versions of the OS, the Finnish firm could be planning an Android-powered smartphone.

The company recently posted a job advertisement on LinkedIn seeking a Linux expert to work within a "start-up environment." The ad makes mention of "exciting new products" and "mobile phone technology".

The posting, which was for unknown reasons made inactive and inaccessible on Friday, was entitled "Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware."

Should the advert be referring to another project other than an Android device, one possibility is that Nokia is working on its own Maps app -- or other general applications -- for Google's platform.


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  • johnatnokia
    The Nokia job positing involves our previously announced opportunity to develop HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android. Nothing more.
  • dare2blink
    Lol people for the last time NOKIA IS NOT EVER GOING TO RELEASE AN ANDROID PHONE. I am very disapointed that tomshardware you post such a ridiculous post. Nokia obviously hired one programer to develop the "here" solutions for android that they already establised as doing. So people stop making up stuff. Seriously I though It would be very obvious that it takes more than ONE person to put android on nokia. Please tomshardware do your research properly before posting nonsense like this
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  • illuminatuz
    First.. :D
  • Anonymous
    The only reason they would have built one would have been if the Lumia 920 had failed, but from what I can tell, they have been overwhelmed with orders and are back on track to be top of the pack
  • lengcaifai
    if Nokia continues to abandon WP as what they do on Meego or Symbian, buyers will abandon you Nokia