Nokia May Release Windows RT Tablet in February

Nokia is rumored to be preparing a tablet powered by Windows RT, which may be unveiled during the Mobile World Congress in February.

Sources within the supply chain in Taiwan said the Nokia tablet will feature a 10-inch screen, as well as being powered by Qualcomm's S4 processor.

According to DigiTimes, it was delayed due to Microsoft's surprise announcement of Surface, with Nokia deciding it would be best to predominately focus on smartphones based on the former's Windows Phone 8 platform.

Back in March, Nokia's head of design Marko Ahtisaari said that the Finnish firm has a tablet currently in the works. He had confirmed to a Finnish magazine: "We are working on it." The firm itself responded to the comments by the executive by stating: "We continue to eye the tablet space with interest but have made no specific announcements."

The Mobile World Congress is scheduled to commence in Barcelona from February 25 till the 28th.


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  • universal remonster
    As an owner of the Lumia 920, I love the matte black finish and whatever composite they used to make the shell. If they use the same build quality/materials and styling in their tablet, I feel it will be one of the nicer offerings rivaled only by Microsoft's Surface. Unfortunately I have no interest in an RT tablet and am holding out for the i5 Surface Pro's, otherwise I think this could be a definite concideration.
  • Anonymous
    I can see this lacking anything special other than the design if im honest, I doubt it will have a full HD screen or anything and the S4 is pretty meh for a tablet
  • Anonymous
    I dunno about Win RT. There's a very real chance that it will never "get big" because the advantages of running a full OS on ARM go away once you start to have big (power hungry) screens, and Intel is already releasing Atom chips that can compete with ARM designs for performance and power. And if there's anything to know about Intel, it's that it steamrolls whatever sector it wants.

    I fully expect efficient x86 designs to replace ARM chips in everything other than cellphones in a the next few years, and for Win RT to be brushed under the rug by then. I wouldn't even be surprised if by this time next year Win RT development is officially stopped.