Nvidia Rolls Out 236 Watt Graphics Card Design


Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia today unveiled its GT200 graphics chip, now integrated into the GTX260 and GTX280 graphics cards. The graphics processor has more of everything: More transistors, cores, bandwidth, GFlops, game performance - and power.

All your efforts to trim down the power consumption of your PC could be useless, if you are installing on of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards, which top power meters at 182 watts (max) for the GTX260 model and at 236 watts (max) for the GTX version. (Idle power for both cards is 25 watts.) But, to be fair, enthusiasts rarely care about the power consumption of such products and both cards deliver a boatload of features and upgrades over the G80 predecessor.

Compared to the 681 million transistors and the 128 cores of the G80 chip, the GT200 now holds 1.4 billion transistors and 192 (GTX260) or 240 (GTX280) processing cores. The GPU is built in 65 nm and, according to TSMC - the manufacturer of the GPU - the largest chip the company has ever product: The die size is 576 mm2 - more than five times larger than Intel’s 45 nm dual-core processor with Penryn core.

The GTX280 comes with a 1296 MHz core, 1107 MHz memory as well as a 1024 MB memory capacity. The floating point performance of the GPU is 933 GFlops, which is 80% above the 8800 GTX (518 GFlops). The GTX260 has a 1242 MHz core, 999 MHz memory and 896 MB of memory capacity.

Nvidia claims that the new GPUs will deliver 50% more gaming performance over the GeForce 8800 Ultra GPU overall. Both the GTX280 and GTX260 support three-way SLI configurations.

Several reviews have been posted by the usual suspects this morning and it appears that both the GTX280 and GTX260 have secured their place just behind the dual-GPU version 9800 GX2 and ahead of AMD’s Radeon HD 3870 X2 in terms of gaming performance. The GTX280 is setting new record levels in several disciplines in 3D Marks’ Vantage benchmark (overall score, GPU score), beating the 9800 X2. The GTX260 comes in third in most 3D Mark Vantage results we have seen this morning.

Graphics cards integrating GeForce GTX 260 GPUs are scheduled to become available starting on June 26 for $399 MSRP. GTX 280 cards will sell from $649, Nvidia said. Online shops are currently listing GTX260 cards in a price range of $420 to $620 and GTX280 cards from $640 to $895.

  • mr roboto
    Sure Nvidia can have some more of my money. Hopefully in three more months they will come out with something newer and I can give them some more. I have an idea.. The Nvidia GTX320GX2GTS-512 but to throw people for a loop we'll give it 947MB of RAM and a 652 Bit memory interface.

    At this rate the world will be polluted with Nvidia graphics cards like in the late 90's when AOL polluted the land with their trial CD's.
  • liemfukliang
    Why DX 10? Not DX 11?
  • virtualban
    To Mr. Roboto, (and especially to Mr. Eno! A friend of mine who thinks like Mr. Roboto here):
    If you don't want more power, you don't pay them more money and you don't get your power.
    Did anyone put a gun to your head and said you will buy the newcomer? If not, think of it like this: IT'S PROGRESS FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!! Something that makes everything else cheaper. So basically it is a jump in quality. Something good for everybody. But wait, maybe you just don't want it to be good for everybody. You want to be above everybody else. Or maybe you're just addicted to "more power, more speed" and the only way to stop you from "wasting" your money, is for progress to stop.
  • mr roboto
    It's barely progress. 20% increments in progress for $600? Releasing cards every 3 months with driver releases that come in at about the same. I laugh that people think Nvidia's drivers are going to save this pig of a card.

    For SLI you need a minimum of a 1200w PSU? Only to get a 20% improvement. I'm sorry that you bought into what Nvidia's selling. Don't be mad at me that you bought a 9800GTX or a GX2 that they're discontinuing already.
    If only Nvidia could make solid improvements without going backwards. They want the performance crown so bad that you end up with a card like this. Yet no one else is even challenging them. If ATI was 1 upping them every release than I could understand. They need to look at the bigger picture as in power, speed, Value, longevity. How about that one? Longevity! My 8800GTX has lasted this long only because of the latest missteps by Nvidia. This new card is just another 8800 refresh with a 512 Bit bus and slightly more RAM. Nothing else.
  • Zeroman
    Sure, the specs look nice and the benchies i've seen are good too. BUT, 3-way SLI using (at least) 236 watts EACH (not yet OC'd) and putting up to 80c or more at load with stock cooler (not to mention that if you're gonna buy this, you would most probably have an OC'd high end system), how are you gonna power these? Good thing for the 260gtx, it can be OC'd to reach similar performance of the 280gtx.
  • V3NOM
    err this is the successor of the G92 and G94 not G80...