Nvidia To Rename Cards To Help Alleviate Confusion

Nvidia has revealed plans to simplify its product range so that people who aren’t as well versed in techtalk can understand what the company is trying to market.

The company is aiming to widen its appeal and bag itself some mid-range users (February saw the launch of the GeForce 9600 GT) and while hardcore tech geeks have no problems understanding the prefixes and numbers associated with the GeForce range, Nvidia is worried that its newer demographic won’t have a clue.

The company has long been criticized for the naming “scheme” it uses to christen new products. It’s seemingly random selection of numbers and prefixes serve little purpose and it stands to reason that if they’re trying to target a mid-range demographic that changes be made to ensure people don’t make the mistake of purchasing a 8400 under the impression that it is more powerful than a 7800.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Roy Taylor, VP of Content Business Development, admitted that Nvidia’s current range of products is overcomplicated.

"It is a challenge that we’re looking at right now. There is a need to simplify it for consumers, there’s no question,"

"We think that the people who understand and know GeForce today, they’re okay with it - they understand it. But if we’re going to widen our appeal, there’s no doubt that we have to solve that problem."

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  • homerdog
    9800GX2 = 8900GX2
    9800GTX = 8900GTX
    G92 8800GTS = 8900GTS
    8800GT = 8900GT
    8800GS = 8900GS
    9600GSO = 8900GS
    9600GT = 8700GT

    Now we need to get rid of all the confusing alphabetical suffixes and start utilizing the ones and tens.
  • Shadow of Dawn
    It's about time. I wonder if the new cards 9900gt, 9900gtx, will renamed to 9800gt, 9800gtx.
  • Shadow of Dawn
    Shadow of DawnIt's about time. I wonder if the new cards 9900gt, 9900gtx, will be renamed to 9800gt, 9800gtx.