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Obama Calls on Congress to Fund Research on Effects of Violent Videogames

While Joe Biden's meeting with the videogame industry went as well as one could hope, as the vice president seemed to conclude that violent videogames were not to blame for events like the one at Sandy Hook, President Obama wants to look further into the effects of violent videogames on children.

One of the 23 executive orders he signed recently calls for the CDC to do further research on violent behavior, which includes looking into violent media.

Obama isn't pointing the finger of blame at anyone. “We don’t benefit from ignorance. We don’t benefit from not knowing the science of this epidemic of violence," said the President. “Congress should fund research into the effects violent video games have on young minds.”

Despite signing the executive orders, Obama reminded the American people that in order for these actions to truly be carried out, he would need Congress's help. "“As important as these steps are, they are in no way a substitute for action from Congress,” Obama said.

The president wants to allocate $10 million of the nation's budget on the study on the effects of violent media and called for a bill to require background checks on firearm purchases, limit assault weapons, and maintain a 10-round maximum on ammo magazines. No doubt the president's call for such a bill angered many gun-rights supporters.

Whatever the case, it seems like Biden's reassurance to the videogames industry that there was no "silver bullet" for the issue holds true for the POTUS as well. Gamers can take a step back and sigh in relief that the government won't be levying bills against violent videogames just yet.

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