Oracle CEO 'Speechless' About HP's New Hire

HP's hiring of Apotheker has largely been seen as a retort to Oracle's decision to hire former CEO of HP Mark Hurd just a few weeks after he resigned. Though HP tried to stop Hurd from taking up his new post as co-President of Oracle by suing him, the two parties eventually settled the lawsuit out of court.

However, it seems Oracle Chief Larry Ellison is a little less than impressed with the appointing of Apotheker as CEO of HP. In an email to the Wall Street Journal, Ellison said the decision had rendered him speechless.

"I’m speechless," he said, adding, "HP had several good internal candidates…but instead they pick a guy who was recently fired because he did such a bad job of running SAP."

Ellison goes on to say that though HP board members don't own much company stock, employees, customers and managers do and they will suffer as a result of this bad hire.

"None of the HP board members own much HP stock so they have little to lose," he told WSJ. "But the HP employees, customers, partners and shareholders will suffer.  The HP board needs to resign en masse … right away.  The madness must stop."

Though those words are damning enough, it seems Ellison was in fine, fighting form and again took the opportunity to criticize Apotheker's management skills when asked for a statement for the Financial Times. This time, Ellison referred an ongoing lawsuit (filed in 2007) that accuses SAP-owned software maintenance company TomorrowNow of pirating customers' copies of Oracle software. SAP has admitted copyright and computer violations but argues that Oracle's request for $1 billion in damages is excessive.

"SAP has already publicly confessed and accepted financial responsibility for systematically stealing Oracle’s intellectual property over a long period of time," Ellison told FT. "Much of this industrial espionage and intellectual property theft occurred while Leo was CEO of SAP," he continued. "The HP board must have been aware of these facts, yet they appointed Leo CEO of HP anyway. What happened to ‘The HP Way’?"

HP refused to comment on Ellison's remarks when asked by both the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times. A HP spokesperson told WSJ Ellison's email didn't "deserve the dignity of a response."

Source: Financial Times, Wall Street Journal

  • bhaberle
    HP has been going down the crapper lately in terms of decision making so nothing they do surprises me now.
  • Jung
    Seems like they hired someone who wont rape the company and employees for short term gain. We'll see.
  • ta152h
    Part of me finds a CEO acting so common disappointing and undignified, another part of me loves the fact he says it like it is, without making even the slightest attempt to soften his attacks.
  • TeKEffect
    The HP board is a special group and not the good special.
  • Darkerson
    One good turn deserves another /sarcasm
  • guitarpeggio
    All of these rich bastards are the same. Do not care.
  • frostyfireball
    I'm sure they see something in the guy, it just might not be obvious to us.
  • smeker
    guitarpeggioAll of these rich bastards are the same. Do not care.Yep pretty much, money talks
  • gsacks
    Larry Ellison is a pompous ass. Very successful businessman but with a serious inferiority complex. Back well Bill Gates was being ruthless and more successful than Ellison, he was the target of Ellison's wrath. Ellison helped fuel the 'Bill Gates is evil and bad for the software industry' movement. Now that BG is retired and being all philanthropic, Larry needs a new target. It would have been Sun, but he went and bought them, so he has wildly lashed out at the next closest target, HP. I'm not saying that HP is great or anything. Just that Ellison always seems to be on the offensive against someone. ---- Oh, and he is killing all of Sun's open source initiatives, so he is a double super ass with a cherry on top.
  • beachbod
    Part of me wants to be on HPs side but its kind of hard when an ink cartridge costs an arm and a leg.