Ouya to Launch Second Kickstarter Campaign for Games

Ouya is probably one of the most well known Kickstarter success stories. The $99 Android console started out as a campaign on the crowdfunding website last summer and has since blossomed into a successful product. Now the company behind Ouya is returning to the well in an attempt to boost its library of titles for the console.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Ouya will be launching its second Kickstarter campaign in August. The goal is to jump start the development of games for the platform. As such, this Kickstarter is a little different from most. For one, Ouya isn't just asking fans for money. Instead, the company's million dollar campaign will match funds from developers. Ouya said that any dev pledging between $50,000 and $250,000 will have their funds matched by Ouya, and the highest pledging developer will receive an extra $100,000 from Ouya.

Of course, Ouya isn't going to just hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars without getting a little something in return. WSJ reports that developers taking part in the campaign will have to make their games exclusive to Ouya for the first six months of availability. Still not a bad deal, but a sure advantage for Ouya.

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  • Spooderman
    We'll see how this one goes based on the feedback so far.
  • Johmama
    "Ouya is probably one of the most well known Kickstarter success stories."

    1. Isn't it 1 of only like 3 Kickstarter projects to even get fully completed?
    2. "Success" is subjective. Look at rating of the Ouya after launch. You can't even play all the games developed for Android (why would that do that?)
    3. What are the terms of the money-match? If I'm just some guy with an extra $100,000 lying around and promise to only develop games for Ouya for the first 6 months, will they match me? I guess what I'm getting at: is there any clause that specifies the quality of the developed games, or can it just be Tetris Clone IV: Blocks of Doom?
  • hotsacoman
    They should just give it all to the team that made The Amazing Frog lol.