Gamer Completes Quake Under 1 Hour @ 100%

Now here's a little entertainment to start off your first week of the new year: id Software's original Quake completed in just under one hour.

On a personal level, I proudly boast that this 1996 gothic shooter is my favorite game of all time-- which includes both PC and console platforms-- and seemingly leeched every ounce of my mojo by way of all-night deathmatch sessions (online or Reaper) and the nearly infinite number of mods. The classic FPS reduced me to a state resembling one of the Quake zombies until the sequel arrived almost 2 years later.

But to complete 100-percent of the game in just under one hour? That's an amazing feat. I thought I knew the game forwards and backwards until I took a peek at the video seen below. As shown, the player completes the entire game in 52:19 minutes-- from the "Start" map where the player chooses the "Nightmare" portal to the end battle in Shub-Niggurath's pit. Every secret is found and every enemy defeated without using cheat codes. Wow.

As an example, the player completes E1M1 "The Slipgate Complex" in 1:02 minutes with 6/6 secrets and 42/42 kills, followed by E1M2 "Castle of the Damned" in 1:03 minutes with 3/3 secrets and 42/42 kills. The process looks legit-- the player takes damage, and dogs and soldiers don't immediately explode on contact (unless the player is loaded up with a tasty quad). All the graphical juice you can squeeze out of id's old engine for the PC even looks to be present including shadows, transparent water and so on.

If you have 52 minutes to spare, check out the marathon run through Quake's 32 maps pasted below (including "Start"). The clip may convince you to dust off the disc and give the classic shooter another go. Steam is currently offering a digital copy for $9.99 as a standalone game, however it's also a part of the $69.99 id Super Pack which also contains the Doom series, HeXen series, Heretic series, Wolfenstein series and more.

Quake 100% Complete in 52 Minutes

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  • festerovic
    The methamphetamines we had in the 90's weren't good enough to pull this off. Kinda like there weren't any machines capable of playing Crysis maxxed out until recently.

    Wait till we get space coke from aliens, someone will destroy this guy's time. :)
  • plznote
  • doron
    lol @ ~48:53