Pebble Smartwatch Trying to Gain Legitimacy With FCC Approval

The Pebble E-paper Smartwatch made quite a splash when it was first announced on Kickstarter, making such a successful pitch that it managed to raise $1 million in the first few hours. At the end of the funding period, it raised over $10 million, blowing its goal of $100K completely out of the water.

However, Pebble backers are becoming concerned as to whether or not the watch will ever become a reality or end up as vaporware. After all, backing a project in Kickstarter is a bit of a risk—there's no contract that fundraisers have to sign to guarantee backers the project that the backers actually wanted. The Pebble has missed two of its deadlines, first by September, and the next before Christmas.

Perhaps to give backers a renewed sense of optimism and relief, Pebble's received approval from the FCC for its device. The documents that the company sent to the FCC include a manual and photos of the e-paper watch's innards. Hopefully, this is a sign that Pebble's finally ready to make its way to the homes of eager backers who've dropped over $99 for the product.

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  • sacre
    and with the 10 million, they will start production and pocket the other 9 million.

    Goes to show me being an Aviation Maintenance Engineer was the wrong damn choice.. should have been a computer engineer, somewhere along those lines.
  • unksol
    If you were dumb enough to kickstart this in a smartphone age you deserve to have your money stolen. But hey they wanted 100K, you gave them 10x as much for nothing so it would be out in September 2012.... Wait what do you mean it is 2013?!?!?
  • vertigo_2000
    unksol, that's some bad math... they got 100x as much, not 10x. $10 million / $100k = 100.

    I agree with your statement, just not with your calculation.

    In this day and age where everyone 10 years and older has a cell phone, a fancy new kind of watch is kind of pointless. On that note, I feel naked without my watch on.