PCI-E SSD Does 1000 MB/sec.

PhotoFast's new G-Monster-PROMISE PCIe SSD--so new its not even listed on the official website as of this writing--claims to be the first SSD device in the industry to reach 1000 MB/s. In appearance alone, the device, connecting to an x8 PCI-e slot, looks huge, possibly eating up two or three physical spaces on the motherboard. That may not be the case, as the actual dimensions are 10.63-inches x 4.75-inches x 1.71-inches, and weighs just over two pounds.

However, despite its seemingly unusual size, the SSD comes with a great benefit: super-fast read and writes of 1000 MB/sec and 1000 MB/sec respectively, making it around three to five times faster than standard SATA solutions thanks to the PCI-e connection. According to the company, the G-Monster-PROMISE will appear in three flavors: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. The drive also supports MLC flash, and offers 256 MB of ECC DDR II and SDRAM memory.

PhotoFast also revealed that the device has a MTBF of around 2,500,000 hours, and a data retention of five years. The SSD not only supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), but has a high reliability based on its internal BCH 15-bit Error Code Correction technology. Unfortunately, the device isn't even available in Japan until the middle of May, and more than likely won't hit North American shores for a while. As for pricing, according to this flyer, the 128 GB version will cost a whopping $1600USD, and the 1 TB version will cost $4500USD. Ouch.

  • the_one111


    dang straight "Ouch".
  • igot1forya
  • curnel_D
    "According to the company, the G-Monster-PROMISE will appear in three flavors: (1)128 GB, (2)256 GB, (3)512 GB, and (4)1 TB."
  • wickedsnow
    "G-Monster-PROMISE will appear in three flavors: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB"

    Is that not 4 flavors?
  • akhodjaev
    1tb is not a flavor:) is human error.
    Strange for decades we were spinning something to read or write. look now... last 2 years and we are boosting to extreem speeds:) i like it. even it is expensive. the important thing that we have it or we can have it. Thanks R&D
  • kyeana
    pricy, but dang i wouldnt mind getting my hands on one.

    although if im not mistaken you still wouldnt be able to use it as an os disk (at least for the time being)
  • Greatwalrus
    Well the good news here is that they have this super fast SSD for $1600 at 128GB, that means the slower SSDs with similar storage space around the $1600 price range will have to come down even more. MOAR SSD advancements please. :)
  • scook9
    is this an actual SINGLE ssd or another raid situation with several drives RAID'd together, meaning its actually the same SSD's that have been out all along just in an array. Because, if it is a single drive then I am impressed, otherwise it is just eyewash on products that already exist.
  • Shadow703793
    Ok so this is basically a RAM+SSD hybrid. The RAM is what gives it the edge over normal SSDs. Also there is not much point with a ~1Gbps READ speed bandwidth yet. I'm assuming it's read speed. If it's write speed that would be nothing short of AMAZING. Most important of all: Can it be used as a boot drive?
  • coopchennick
    Didn't PhotoFast's consumer SSDs do terribly in the recent roundup?

    I bet this thing is ONLY optimized for sequential read/writes