PCI-E SSD Does 1000 MB/sec.

PhotoFast's new G-Monster-PROMISE PCIe SSD--so new its not even listed on the official website as of this writing--claims to be the first SSD device in the industry to reach 1000 MB/s. In appearance alone, the device, connecting to an x8 PCI-e slot, looks huge, possibly eating up two or three physical spaces on the motherboard. That may not be the case, as the actual dimensions are 10.63-inches x 4.75-inches x 1.71-inches, and weighs just over two pounds.

However, despite its seemingly unusual size, the SSD comes with a great benefit: super-fast read and writes of 1000 MB/sec and 1000 MB/sec respectively, making it around three to five times faster than standard SATA solutions thanks to the PCI-e connection. According to the company, the G-Monster-PROMISE will appear in three flavors: 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. The drive also supports MLC flash, and offers 256 MB of ECC DDR II and SDRAM memory.

PhotoFast also revealed that the device has a MTBF of around 2,500,000 hours, and a data retention of five years. The SSD not only supports S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), but has a high reliability based on its internal BCH 15-bit Error Code Correction technology. Unfortunately, the device isn't even available in Japan until the middle of May, and more than likely won't hit North American shores for a while. As for pricing, according to this flyer, the 128 GB version will cost a whopping $1600USD, and the 1 TB version will cost $4500USD. Ouch.

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    dang straight "Ouch".
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    "According to the company, the G-Monster-PROMISE will appear in three flavors: (1)128 GB, (2)256 GB, (3)512 GB, and (4)1 TB."