64 GB BlackBerry PlayBook Gets Massive UK Price Cut

There's been several price cuts on the BlackBerry PlayBook since it launched in early 2011. However, it seems folks in the UK are in for another significant price cut as retailers Currys and PC World are currently listing the 64 GB model at a massive discount.


Both of the retailers' online stores are selling the 64 GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just £129. This represents £430 of savings on the device's £559 launch price. It's cheaper than the £149 32 GB model and the same price as the £129 16 GB model. It's not clear if this is an error, or if the 64 GB top-of-the-line PlayBook really is the cheapest one in the entire range right now.

RIM's Blackberry PlayBook tablet hasn't exactly been a roaring success. Launched to tepid reviews last year, the device didn't fly off the shelves as quick as RIM has hoped. A few weeks back, RIM announced plans to release a 4G LTE version in Canada this month, with a European launch to follow. It's possible retailers are attempting to shift inventory in anticipation of such a launch, but considering the UK's first taste of LTE won't arrive until October, that doesn't seem to likely.

Whatever the reason, if you've been hemming and hawing over the PlayBook for a while, you know where to get it.

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  • When RIM reduced the price of the 16G Blackberry Playbook last year to $199 I bought one. Sure it didn't have a native email client or PIMS, but I was surprisingly impressed with by the fluid nature of the OS and the ease of navigation. By the time they introduced OS 2.0 earlier this year, the number of important apps in addition to the ability to run ported Android Apps made a good tablet an excellent mobile tablet. See: http://www.epinions.com/review/RIM_Playbook_Tablet_PC/content_579726577284 . At this new price I can't think of a reason one would hesitate to pick up a 64GB Playbook.
  • obsama1
    How about a US price cut? *wink, wink*

    A 64GB PB for $130 would be like the TouchPad all over again.
  • sandmanwn
    There is an updated processor unit with built in cell modem coming in a few months. This is just one of the first precursors to the new lineup.
  • obsama1
    They already did that. The PB 4G is available in Canada right now.
  • mynameis1
    such a shame, what a nice piece of hardware that just took too long to come out and then took even longer to get it right... by then its competitors where already releasing version 2 of there hardware...

    I love my PB 16G i use one data plan for both my blackberry phone and tablet.
  • eddieroolz
    I am holding out to eventually buy a LTE PlayBook.
  • macncapn
    The 64 GB playbook is available in store at micro center in the us for $199.
    well.. i own a 32g playbook.. the OS and hardware are awesome.. but there NO APP support it! whats the point having it when it can't ran any apps. even you sign your own apps most of em just CtD.
    the fact that PB got build in GPS chip but no software support it make me sick. even RIM itself wouldn't support their own hardware.

    if win8 support it.. that maybe good buy. otherwise, get a real android table. this way at least you can run the apps you want.
  • I've been wondering about the PB. @obsama1 - I have two Touchpads; a 32GB and the white 64GB. The Touchpad's hardware is easily on par with the iPad2 and it will natively run webOS, Android 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1 as well as Ubuntu and Arch Linux. My 32GB boots to all three.

    What I was wondering is what processor and graphics hardware the PB has in it and if one could also get it running something other than QNX...

  • olaf
    awesome :D now put JB on it and have a good device :D