Sorry, No Diablo 3 Cross-Play for PC and PlayStation 3 or 4

A post on the Diablo 3 forums reveals that Blizzard's hot action-RPG title for the current and next-gen PlayStation consoles will not have cross-platform multiplayer capabilities with the PC version. The news should be expected given that the game will reside on two separate closed networks, namely Blizzard's and Sony's PlayStation Network.

"While we think cross-platform play would be awesome, there are currently no plans to allow connectivity between PlayStation Network and (this is pretty standard for most games that have PC and console support)," the company said. "As a result, the characters on your account and PlayStation account will also remain separate."

Blizzard also said that there are currently no plans to enable analog controller support for the PC version. Adding to that, Blizzard also doesn't have any plans to add mouse and keyboard support for the PlayStation version – it was designed with a controller in mind.

Now here's a bit of info that should tick off plenty of PC gamers: Diablo 3 for PlayStation (3 & 4) may not require an internet connection to play. Sony's John Hight said that the console version will allow up to four players to hack through dungeons on the same screen without the need for the typical split-screen mode. "We just zoom the camera out. Or if you're offline..." he started to explain but was interrupted by GameTrailers host Geoff Keighley.

Additionally, Hight also said the PlayStation 3 version is "much further along" in development than the PlayStation 4 version. However the team had only just seen the DualShock 4 controller when the console versions were announced, and indicated that the game may support the PS4 controller's cool touchpad.

So far it's unknown if the PlayStation versions will also include the Auction Houses. Selling goods for real-world cash seems unlikely for the PlayStation Network, but trading goods using Sony's Station Cash or something similar seems to be a safer bet.

The launch of Diablo 3 on the PS3 and PS4 will be the first time the series has appeared on consoles since the release of the original Diablo on the original PlayStation in 1998, two years after the action-RPG made its PC/Mac debut. The PSOne version can still be purchased on Amazon for as much as $20,000 USD, depending on the condition, and as much as $750 on eBay. Crazy.

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  • ShadyHamster
    people still play this game?
  • downhill911
    No need to be sorry. Diablo3 PC has become past already.
    I admit I did like the game (first Diablo i played ever so..), but then when playing on Hell difficulty I was too tempted to buy better gear, and so I did and realized that I am so overpowered that I do not find game challenging enough anymore. Yes i could use my crafted and found gear but...I just do not care.
  • contentsmayvary
    I just started playing it again a few weeks back, after playing Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile and not liking them anything like as much... I did finish D3 on Infernal (which I reached before they nerfed it a bit... that was painful but challenging). Several of my friends eventually managed to finish Inferno without buying a single thing from the AH. They are good players, thoug
  • sliem
    Blizzard's hot action-RPG
  • online service & update disruptions by Blizzard constantly spoil the game experience plus the inconvenience of having to download patches as well as patches for patches etc. so an offline version
    is what most single game players really want, plus ability to play on LAN with others.
  • excella1221
    Sucks. :(

    And here I thought this would've been a great idea to boost population again.
  • Cons29
    this is the most expensive game i ever bought (even more expensive than some of my limited edition games), and i dont like it. im even selling my account, dont care if it is against eula, i just want to get back some of my money. disappointed
  • whiteodian
    Although the game was disappointing on many levels, I still enjoyed playing it. I was even thinking about giving the console versions a whirl, but since I can't use my old account, No thank you. Good luck Blizzard. Not that they need it. I'm sure they will sell an ungodly amount of copies which is unfortunate be cause I don't feel they put much effort into the game, relied too much on the AH to get gear, and continue to make bad choices about the game and its design.
  • jn77
    Who actually plays this game anymore? I thought D III went belly up about 4 weeks after its release :-). Blizzard really mucked that one up.
  • weierstrass
    Who evert was excited about Diablo III has bought and played it on PC.