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Project Eternity is Most Funded Gaming Project on Kickstarter

Project Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment's throwback game to the days of isometric RPGs of olde, closed its fundraising period on Kickstarter just shy of $4 million at $3,986,929. Had backers managed to push the project to the big $4 mil, Obsidian would have included live instrumentation for the score and developer commentary. The last $500K, Obsidian claimed, would be used to "enhance the game."

Unfortunately, Obsidian was a mere $13.1K from that goal.

However, Eternity's managed to push videogame funding on Kickstarter to new heights. It's managed to dethrone Double Fine as the most funded videogame project of all time on Kickstarter (discounting the OUYA, which we'll consider hardware.) The previous record holder, Double Fine Adventure, held the record at $3.3 million.

Project Eternity backers shouldn't expect the game anywhere in the near future. Obsidian's currently got its hands full with other projects, including the THQ-published South Park RPG and inXile's Kickstarter-backed project Wasteland 2. Eternity's Kickstarter page lists its release date as April 2014, but backers shouldn't be too surprised if that release date ends up getting pushed back more than a tad in the future.

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