Chaintech Bundles GeForce with RAM Upgrades

Chaintech had been popular for motherboards only some years ago, but when it became Walton Chaintech, the firm focused on memory – and on graphics card. According to Chaintech, the firm is one of the few memory vendors that offer both graphics cards and memory, and Chaintech believes that this may be a good business opportunity.

In fact, the bundle we were shown looks promising: You can get a GeForce 9600GT PCI Express graphics card with 512 MB DDR3 video memory (an Nvidia reference design) together with two 4 GB DDR2-1066 (a pair of 2-GB DIMMs running at CL5-5-5-15 timings) for “a better price than purchasing the components separately”. It’s tough to verify this information here in Taiwan, but at least the component choices make sense to us. 4 GB of memory is what we strongly recommend to anyone who doesn’t just watch the screen saver, and a GeForfce 9600GT definitely provides adequate 3D performance for acceptable money.

We recommend checking the prices. If you really save money this is an excellent deal for upgrade users.

  • mr roboto
    Chaintech isn't exactly "Popular" here in the states. Although it is possible to find them at some retailers. However companies like TigerDirect would just break the package apart and sell the items separately as OEM, Because they're just shady.
  • pschmid
    It's a medium size company that needs to find a niche where it can excel. Providing both graphics and memory puts them into a position in which they can purchase larger amounts of memory ICs.

  • Max-i-mus
    Zip Zoom Fly carrys Chaintech stuff.. I've bought got my 7600GS 512meg cards from there.. Granted I've upgraded from the sli 7600's to a single 8800gt..