64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 Outed on Retailer Sites

Samsung said in July that a 64GB version of the Galaxy S3 will be arriving during the latter stages of 2012. An online retailer listing now suggests the new model will be launching soon, albeit a bit pricey.

Italian retailers ePrice and Marcopolo are selling the 64GB variant of the smartphone for €799 ($1,040). Amazon Germany has also listed the 64GB Samsung Galaxy S3 with a price tag of €704.

The only model showcased on the aforementioned retailers is the onyx edition, suggesting that, at least for now, the 64GB version of the best-selling handset will only be for the black Galaxy S3.

Meanwhile, Samsung is preparing to announce the Galaxy S3 Mini on Thursday.


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  • nuvon
  • kawininjazx
    Or you can buy a 32GB and put in a $30 32GB MicroSD card.
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  • nuvon
  • snowzsan
    This is FAR too much to justify spending on a phone. This model would be strictly for fanboys and nothing more. No one in their right mind could justify a $1000 purchase of a phone that will be outdated in a year... And it's only a damn phone!

    Nice competitive pricing, Samsung. Who are you competing with? Your imagination?
  • mousseng
    I'll admit, I've never owned or used a smartphone before - my cell phone serves me perfectly well - so I don't see the entire value of them to begin with. But I can't see any justification for paying $1000 for a smartphone. Not even if it would wake me up, cook me breakfast, and clean up after itself.