Samsung Preparing to Reveal 'Radical Brand Makeover'

Samsung is said to be preparing a reveal for a new brand image at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, so says a a report from Australia's Channel News.

The South Korean conglomerate is apparently planning to unveil a "complete new look" that will compete with Apple's "vibrant" international brand image. The report suggests that Samsung has obtained the help of a design team that has previously worked with Nike on branding.

Scott Bedbury, a freelance brand consultant who has worked with Starbucks, is said to be overseeing the project. He's also a member of the Board of Directors for Jones Soda and the CEO of Brandstream.

"Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does," said a Channel News source.

After making former Creative Chief Choi Gee Sung its CEO last year, Samsung is said to have shifted focus from its brand being seen as an Asian one to a global technology brand.

"For design to have a major impact, it's got to get involved at the strategic level," said David Hill, vice president of design at Lenovo. "It can't be an afterthought or superficial trappings to be put on post product creation. Samsung's brand became powerful only after they put a Chief Design Officer in place and made it a priority for the company. Now they are moving to expand the brand globally".

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  • halcyon
    This will be interesting to see, but I wonder why Samsung thinks this is necessary.
  • jaber2
    halcyonThis will be interesting to see, but I wonder why Samsung thinks this is necessary.It's a teenager not sure of it self.
  • whiteodian
    Phones look less like iPhone and more like a Nike swoosh! :D
  • mousseng
    The South Korean conglomerate is apparently planning to unveil a "complete new look" that will compete with Apple's "vibrant" international brand image.
    I bet that's similar to what they said about some of their products a while back, too.
  • deftonian
    I'll buy their electronics either way.
  • kartu
    What does this have to do with apple, you zakislam you?
  • ikefu
    My guess is this stems from stories and converstations like "Apple iPhone vs Android" when what Samsung wants to see is "Apple iPhone vs Samsung Phone".

    My wife is an Apple fan and when she wants something she looks for Apple first and then happens to see what products they sell in that category. Even though I love Samsung products I've never said to myself, "I need a new phone so I'll go see what Samsung has". Or "I need a new TV, what does Samsung sell?" I always say "I want an Android, who happens to have the best phone at the moment?"

    There isn't much brand fanboy ism for Samsung like there is for Apple (and their army of people who will buy their stuff regardless of reviews). I think Samsung wants the fan boys.
  • -Fran-
    As long as this "new band image" doesn't alter their usual high quality in most of the stuff they build (don't like their notebooks at all, for one) and the price they ask for them, I'm cool with it.

  • I have an ASUS laptop, Just updated my HD graphics drivers and I recieve the updated drivers about 2 times a year! My Samsung's HD graphics drivers, none yet, but At least all my graphics software workes on the Samsung, but I would still like to get the Graphics driver updates when they come out! I guess Samsung is going to be like Toshiba, several of my graphics programs do not work beacuse Toshiba never updates their OEM customized HD graphics drivers! Samsung and Toshiba, why do you not use genaric Intel HD graphics drivers or at least update your OEM versions? Samsung work keeping your OEM system software updated, instead of just changing a few logos, do not be another Toshiba. with disfunctional system software and no driver updates!
  • ivanto
    deftonianI'll buy their electronics either way.Samsung's $7B profit counts on customers like the guy above.

    deftonian to unveil a "complete new look" that will compete with Apple's "vibrant" international brand image. .Can Samsung be a thought leader? Why do they settle for copying/imitating, can't they be better?