Samsung Says It is "Not Doing Very Well" in Tablet Market

Ever since Apple launched the iPad, the tech industry has been searching high and low for the iPad killer. With the launch of every new tablet, whether it's a traditional Android device or something more unique from Amazon, experts wonder if this tablet will be the one to knock the iPad off of its throne. Samsung, with its line of Galaxy Tablets has always been considered a serious competitor for Cupertino and its iPad, but the Korean company today admitted that it's not doing so well in the tablet market.

CNet reports that Samsung's Hankil Yoon made the admission at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. That's right, while most companies use the likes of MWC to pump up their image, Yoon told journalists at a media roundtable, "Honestly, we're not doing very well in the tablet market." Yoon didn't elaborate on his statement, but said the company is hopeful that 2012 will be a good year for its Galaxy Note.

This week saw Samsung a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Note (pictured) at Mobile World Congress. The company also announced updated versions of the Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The biggest difference between the Galaxy Note line and the Galaxy Tab line is that the Note features a stylus, which Samsung says is to enable content creation. Samsung's plans for these two lines seem a little murky. According to Yoon, the plan is for the Note's sales to eclipse the Galaxy Tab 10.1's sales. CNet's Roger Cheng says Yoon said it would be necessary to stay competitive:

"The best thing to survive in the market is to kill your products," Yoon said. "We want to stay competitive in the market."

However, when our own Andrew Ku was visiting the Samsung booth, he was told specifically by Samsung that the two lines were going to co-exist together. Similarly, a statement to the Verge implies Samsung means to offer customers several choices within the Samsung brand, as opposed to a one-line-fits-all approach.

"Seeking to kill your own product by releasing increasingly compelling devices might position Samsung as a confident brand. A brand ambitious to improve its products so that the choice for consumers is between several Samsung products rather than between Samsung and its competitors’ products."

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 2 line will launch in certain markets in March, while availability for the Galaxy Note 10.1 is not yet known. The 5-inch Galaxy Note is already on sale, as is the Galaxy Tab in 7-, 7.7- 8.9- and 10-inch variants.

  • joytech22
    Well think about it.. Android is known for giving it's buyers options.

    Hardware options are a big want, people weren't fussed on Tegra 2 and that's pretty much the tablet market right now. Tegra 3 is out.

    I mean couldn't they throw a few of their Samsung CPU's in there along with a quad-core Mali?
  • de5_Roy
    n00b opinion: 'the industry' couldn't even find an ipod killer.. how're they gonna find an ipad killer? none of the tablet makers have managed to build a gpu like ipads'. tegra 2 blew so much that it is holding back tegra 3's wide implementation. patent trolling is another hindrance. prices for 'decent performing' tablets are still way too high. apple demands body parts be sold so that people can buy their overpriced tablet, etc. etc.
  • darkchazz
    When they release a tablet with the new ARM A15 cores I might get one..

    I like samsung's awesome displays, after using the S-AMOLED+ on the GS2 I wouldn't want anything less vibrant...
  • leandrodafontoura
    Samsung offers like 5 diferetn tablets and refresh the product line every 6 months. Apple has 1 product and refreshes once a year. Maybe killing your products is not the best way. And offering 1 powerfull solution is
  • ap3x
    leandrodafontouraSamsung offers like 5 diferetn tablets and refresh the product line every 6 months. Apple has 1 product and refreshes once a year. Maybe killing your products is not the best way. And offering 1 powerfull solution is
    You have a good point, Apple offers 6 different tablets but all have the same underline hardware with the exception of storage (16/32/65 gig) and the cellular radio (with 3g and perhaps 4g or without). It is pretty simple. If Samsung followed the same model I think it would be good for them but I am not sure it will gain them much if any market share.
  • ankhnext
    just put a pressure sensitivity feature on it that we will have an ipad killer
  • kartu
    Not including SD card in first Galaxy Tab was a big mistake, if customer doesn't care about getting milked, he/she normally falls into Apple's hands.

    Good that they've figured it with Galaxy Tab 2.
  • jungleboogiemonster
    I love tech, but I just can't find a use for a tablet. With sizes not that far off from a laptop and yet way to big to put in a pocket, it's hard to find it's niche. Once prices come down on ultrabooks it'll only further seal the demise of the Android tablet. Of course iPads will still sell, but that's a completely different story.
  • mobrocket
    samsung u cant charge apple prices for your products... there are not samsung sheep...
  • vaughn2k
    Put a $199 price tag on all line-ups and definitely it would kill the iPad...