Samsung Announces World's First Octa 8-Core Mobile Processor

Samsung has announced the world's first eight-core processor for smartphones and tablets, the Exynos5 Octa.

Announced during its CES keynote, Samsung CEO Stephen Woo unveiled the forthcoming 8-core micro processor, which houses two sets of four-core processors.

The South Korean technology giant said it's been created to run intense apps, while also conserving energy when users run basic tasks. Upon his demo, Woo said one of the key functions of the chip is to allow users to carry out several activities at once while also ensuring that the battery isn't drained too quickly.

He had showcased a search for dining options on a Samsung tablet during the demo, where the device loaded several sites including Urbanspoon and Google Maps, which was done without any disruption in the browser. Woo promised no dropped frames or stutters in HD movie playback will occur.

Woo stressed that the chip delivers a new level of performance on a mobile device and, at the same time, offers up to 70 percent savings on batteries thanks to the new silicon. The Exynos5 Octa also utilizes ARM's Big.Little technology, which combines the ARM Cortex-A7 chip with a more powerful Cortex A-15 multicore chip.

"We believe the right component DNA drives the discovery of what's possible," said Woo. "Components are building blocks—the foundations on which devices are built. We at Samsung's component solutions are creating new, game-changing components across all aspects of devices."

"The new Exynos 5 Octa introduces a whole new concept in processing architecture…designed for high-end smartphones and tablets. When you want multiple applications to perform at their best, you want the best application processor currently available—the Exynos 5 Octa."

Samsung, which also saw former U.S. President Bill Clinton make an appearance during its keynote, is rumored to be integrating the Exynos5 Octa eight-core chip into the Galaxy S4.


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  • fancarolina
    Octa-core implies 8 cores of equal power. What we have here is a 4+4 Core processor.
  • dalethepcman
    fancarolinaOcta-core implies 8 cores of equal power. What we have here is a 4+4 Core processor.

    What we have here is technically a 10 core system, its ((4+1)+(4+1)) because it uses a companion core along side the traditional quad core design, same concept as in the Tegra3.

    If you ask me this is just too much processor for current gen cell tech, but it should open up tremendous potential if you were able to do display mirroring or used a pico projector along with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    p.s. will it play crysis... REALLY... welcome to 2013, that meme should have died five years ago. let it go man, just let it go.
  • Other Comments
  • memadmax
    But will it play Crysis???????
  • fancarolina
    Octa-core implies 8 cores of equal power. What we have here is a 4+4 Core processor.
  • rebel1280
    .... O.M.G 8 core phone processor!? Can any phone OS fully utilize 4 yet? Props to Samsung though, 8 > 4 so whatever its in, it will sell. And this after reading AMDs SOC... looks like now you have some ways to go...again.