Sharp Starts Production of 5-inch 1080p Smartphones LCDs

Sharp has commenced the "full-scale" production of a new 5-inch 1080p display for smartphones.

The firm announced that production on the screens started late September. Production will pick up the pace throughout this month.

In addition to a pixel density of 443ppi, the new display will sport "a new pixel design," but information pertaining to that has yet to come into fruition. The screen will also be 1.3 times denser than Sharp's 4.3-inch 720p display.

While several firms have demoed 5-inch displays in the past, Sharp's screen will be the first to enter full production stages.

Rumors of a 5-inch HTC smartphone continues, but the only 1080p phone in existence so far is the Oppo Finder 5. There's speculation that the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone will boast a 5-inch screen, with the S3 already featuring a 4.8 display.

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  • arceighty
    dead pixels keep getting harder and harder to spot.
  • slabbo
    wow, 5 inch 1080p? is that really necessary? kinda a waste to me. unless you're gonna constantly be looking at it with a magnifying glass i don't think you'll be able to tell the difference.
  • greghome
    Now, that's sharp :D
  • jn77
    This is actually great news. Why do you need 1080p on a 5inch display, well for one your noise is right in the screen so you do see the pixels in the screens on the market today. If you hold the screen 18 inches from your face, you might not see the pixels on a 5 inch scree.

    I am still looking for a 24inch LCD that is multi touch,with the pixel density of 443ppi (1900x1080) every 5 inches.

    And don't say....."why would you need that on a 24 inch monitor" that is like asking people if they drive a model T as their daily driver in 2012.

    On a more serious note, a 24 inch screen with 443ppi will be useful for the following: Photographers and Video Editors. If people have not heard about 4k video that is going to be replacing 1080P HD in the next 5-10 years, we will need large screens that support more than 1900x1080.

    So the "who needs it" is really pointless......... Do you still use a standard def tv every day now?
  • RealBeast
    When they get 1080p on the inside lens of sunglasses I'm in, although I would like good battery life and a wireless display connection. Maybe next year.
  • jn77
    The kids are at work again marking everything that makes sense negative, Its a wonder they don't have admin's on these comment lists to take care of the problem people.
  • murzar
    Samsung Galaxy S4 or maybe a Nokia phone?
    jn77The kids are at work again marking everything that makes sense negative, Its a wonder they don't have admin's on these comment lists to take care of the problem people.
    Nothing wrong with marking, everyone is entitled to an opinion. While what you are saying is somewhat correct, the point is its more of a marketing gimmick at the moment than anything else. I am sure it has huge potential and use in near future but for the moment - current phones and tablets simply don't need it. Still.. the more innovation and competition the faster the progress. If that's what you were aiming at.
  • theconsolegamer
    Retina Display..... where are you?
  • freggo
    jn77This is actually great news...Photographers and Video Editors....
    If you'd get thumbs down for your opinion on say I'd understand.
    But on a tech site like THG you'd think the readers are a bit more open to "new and improved".

    We do a lot of Photography and Video Editing for clients and yes, 4k is getting closer than you may think. Check out
    The cameras cost a fraction of what you paid for an ENG camera in the 1980s.
    4k players are already on sale in Japan !

    So yes, it is high time to get affordable monitors that go beyond 1920x1080 !