Job Openings at Apple to Improve Siri

Siri is Apple's major selling point for their new iPhones, introduced alongside the iPhone 4S model. Despite the quirky charm and ridiculous frustration that comes with a personal assistance with a virtual persona, Apple has pushed Siri from a small platter on the side to an all out main course when it comes to smartphones. And now they are recruiting.

Apple has recently offered 12 new jobs according to Fast Company, which are all Siri related. These positions range from software engineers to interaction designers. All this points to an future overhaul of the voice assistant, which Apple is probably hoping to release with their new iPhone rumored to be coming this summer.

After Adam Cheyer, one of the Siri co-founders, left the company in September, two more founding members followed in his footsteps. This trend shows that Apple could be taking a radical approach to the voice assistant, one which the original founders might not agree with.  Apple have also said they have high hopes for their pet project in the mean time, and that they could push the use of virtual personal assistance to a new high.

Whatever Apple may be planning, we can assume it has some radical changed in the software for upcoming devices. The once fictional idea of a fully working and understandable virtual assistant is now approaching maturity, but the question remains who will get there first. Will Apple be the one who claims this spot in the history books, or will they fall short on delivering such a remarkable piece of technology?

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  • vaughn2k
    As long as Apple is creating jobs, I have no objections on it. Not that I am an Apple fan, but I am not using SIRI in my iPhone anyhow... too dumb...
  • DarkSable
    Y'know, siri was a lot better before Apple got their hands on it. Why not just save the money and revert to that build of the software?
  • irish_adam
    Siri is Apple's major selling point for their new iPhones

    since when? i dont know anyone with an iphone that uses it, well maybe once or twice for novelty but thats it