Sony Google TV Set-top Box Headed to UK, US, and Canada

Sony and Google today announced plans to bring Google TV to the UK with the unveiling of Sony's NSZ-GS7 Internet Player with Google TV set-top box. The NSZ-GS7 will first be available in the United Kingdom, launching in July and priced at £200. However, the player won't be exclusive to Britain, as Sony also has plans to bring the player to North America, Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Mexico.

Already up for pre-order, the set-top box will launch in the United States next month and will be priced at $200. The player will allow you to search the web from your TV, stream content from the internet direct to your television, as well as download applications from the Google Play Store. Google said today that it plans to talk more about Google TV at Google I/O this week.

As for Sony, it plans to launch an additional device, the NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray Disc player with Google TV, in October. This will initially only be available in the United States, but additional launches are planned for Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Netherlands.

We'll be checking out Sony's Internet Player with Google TV later this week so stay tuned for hands on!

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  • inthere
    Why is the same device always priced more in the UK and Europe?
  • velocityg4
    These internet browsing boxes for TV's keep failing. If people were actually interested they'd be hooking up their computers by now. It is just too inconvenient to browse the internet on the TV. Plus you lose the main function of the TV while doing so.

    Even media boxes have had limited success most notably the Apple TV. Mainly among people very interested in owning every tech gadget. For the average person these devices are just too cumbersome and pointless.

    It takes too much effort to scroll through 1000's of movies and tv programs on set top boxes. You get all sorts of playback problems if too many people are using the servers or your connection is running slow.

    While with regular TV viewing you just go through a short guide of your favorite channels and find something you want to watch. The vast majority of the time the show plays fine and image quality doesn't vary. You don't always find something interesting. Really though you see a wider variety than you would online.

    I know when watching TV I see a much wider variety of shows. While using online sources I watch a much narrower band of content. This is because it is a pain to navigate through the guides of these services. The amount of content is overwhelming (99.9% being absolute crap). Most of the stuff I do want to watch is not available. When I do actually find something it will lose the connection half way through the show, the screen video window resizes due to a commercial and/or the video quality may suddenly go from HD to craptastic.
  • drwho1
    My Plasma has been hooked up to my PC for many years now, I use it to watch videos directly from my PC or from the internet. This setup boxes are a failure in my opinion, a simple cable from your video card to one of your TV inputs is all you need.