Sony's Concept PCs Yanked Straight From Star Trek?

During CES 2012, DVICE came across a few rather interesting concepts presented by Sony that seem to borrow some esthetics from Star Trek: The Next Generation (Sorry Kirk fanboys, but Picard is The Man). The concepts were encased in glass, so there wasn't any touchy-feely going on. But that's ok, because if these products are any indication of what's to come, then the future is looking rather slick.

As seen in the video below, one of the concepts currently on display is a tablet made out of an unknown, flexible material that can "shapeshift." This allows users to change the rear of the device from a flat surface to a stand so that it can sit upright on a table. Sony said the flexible material is indeed real, but conveniently hasn't allowed anyone to touch it.

Moving on. The keyboard is what actually looks rather TNG-ish, a slim, flat device with rounded edges. It is supposedly made of the same flexible material and plays host to an extremely thin backlit set of keys. Those keys reportedly light up as you touch them, perfect for helmsmen and talking androids. Scanning the system for life forms now, Captain.

Sony's third prototype, an ultrabook-tablet hybrid device, features a slide-out copper-colored keyboard when the screen slides upwards. DVICE reports that it was "incredibly thin" and may even have some bend on its display. There's also a built-in stylus mounted at the foot of the keyboard.

DVICE said that Sony wouldn't elaborate on the devices given that they're merely concepts. Still, some of us are eager to get our hands on that cool paper-thin keyboard. Though we imagine it probably wouldn't be any good for gaming.

  • back_by_demand
    The keyboard is what actually looks rather TNG-ish, a slim, flat device with rounded edges
    Rounded edges eh?
    Apple lawsuit in 3... 2... 1...
  • classzero
    Unibody macs have sharp edges plenty of complaints.

    Thumbs down and Flaming in 3.. 2.. 1..
  • I have always wanted to be able to have a stylus/pen for input. Looking at the laptop it would be nice to have the keyboard double as a full sketch pad. It could switch back and forth from a 'piece of paper' to a keyboard. I like taking hand written notes versus typed and the iPad does not quite cut it yet.
  • Nakal
    Life forms... you precious little life forms... where.. are.. you!
  • JohnnyLucky
    I couldn't get excited about the products.
  • SoiledBottom
    "Sorry Kirk fan boys, but Picard is the man"

    I believe thats one of the Prime directives
  • freggo
    Sorry, no actual moving keys ?
    Not for me. I prefer tactile feedback !
  • NightLight
    not a looker in the bunch.
  • teddymines
    freggoSorry, no actual moving keys ?Not for me. I prefer tactile feedback !Then what they need is a quick vibration when you press a key, kind of like the feedback you get from some android smart phones.
  • phate
    ClasszeroUnibody macs have sharp edges plenty of complaints. cbook-pro/Thumbs down and Flaming in 3.. 2.. 1..
    Would do the same thing. Funny reading the comments on that page. Lots of variations of "You're holding it wrong."
    And "there goes his warranty." If Macs were as awesome as some people claim, why would I need a warranty?