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Sony Teases Egg-shaped Mystery on UK Facebook Page

Sony is this week teasing its UK fans with a mystery device on its UK Facebook page. The mystery device is egg-shaped and red and the photo is captioned, "It's coming."


Of course, there is speculation that the device in the picture is the PS4. If that's true, it would a complete overhaul in aesthetic design compared to previous generations. What's more likely is that the image is teasing a new partnership or game for Sony. Guesses on the photo include Portal 3, the Iron Man 3 game, or an exclusive game from Ovosonico.

If you had to ask us, we'd go with Ovosonico, as Sony just this week announced a new partnership with the indie studio and Ovosonico's logo is an egg shape similar to the one in Sony's photo. Sony said on Tuesday that it would be working with Ovosonico on a new IP. Could this be the first sneak peek at what they have planned?

We'll keep you posted!

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