Sony Aiming For 50 Million Xperia Sales Next Year

By partnering with Taiwan-based device manufacturers, Sony Mobile is expected to ship 50 million Xperia smartphones in 2013.

"[Foxconn] is currently the largest ODM for Sony Mobile, followed by Arima and Compal," according to industry source speaking with Taiwanese site DigiTimes. "The three ODMs may receive up to 20 million smartphone [of the 50 million] orders from Sony Mobile in 2013."

To add credence to the report, the statements back up previous rumors that suggested Sony is expecting 50 percent year on year growth for its Xperia smartphone lineup.

As for estimations for Sony's lineup this year, the same source said its mobile division is on course to ship 35 million smartphones by the end of 2012, which would represent a 50 percent increase from 2011.

However, the large shipment figure may still not be enough to return the ailing company to profitability. "[Sony] is still unlikely to swing back to profitability in the year," the source stated.

The long-rumored Sony Odin handset, as well as its 5-inch WhiteMagic display is one of the devices the firm hopes contributes to the 50 million smartphones-sold target.


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  • esrever
    Sony is always too full of themselves.
  • house70
    Sony needs to get on board with the hardware (bigger batteries, bigger storage, etc) and the software, particularly the updates (or just get on board with Google for a Nexus phone of their own).
    Then, and only then, they might have a shot at reaching their goal.
  • itchyisvegeta
    Update to a newer Xperia Play, and I will buy.