Sony Aiming For 50 Million Xperia Sales Next Year

By partnering with Taiwan-based device manufacturers, Sony Mobile is expected to ship 50 million Xperia smartphones in 2013.

"[Foxconn] is currently the largest ODM for Sony Mobile, followed by Arima and Compal," according to industry source speaking with Taiwanese site DigiTimes. "The three ODMs may receive up to 20 million smartphone [of the 50 million] orders from Sony Mobile in 2013."

To add credence to the report, the statements back up previous rumors that suggested Sony is expecting 50 percent year on year growth for its Xperia smartphone lineup.

As for estimations for Sony's lineup this year, the same source said its mobile division is on course to ship 35 million smartphones by the end of 2012, which would represent a 50 percent increase from 2011.

However, the large shipment figure may still not be enough to return the ailing company to profitability. "[Sony] is still unlikely to swing back to profitability in the year," the source stated.

The long-rumored Sony Odin handset, as well as its 5-inch WhiteMagic display is one of the devices the firm hopes contributes to the 50 million smartphones-sold target.

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  • esrever
    Sony is always too full of themselves.
  • house70
    Sony needs to get on board with the hardware (bigger batteries, bigger storage, etc) and the software, particularly the updates (or just get on board with Google for a Nexus phone of their own).
    Then, and only then, they might have a shot at reaching their goal.
  • itchyisvegeta
    Update to a newer Xperia Play, and I will buy.
  • aznshinobi
    If Yuga and Odin get bigger batteries, could happen.
  • Murissokah
    I love Sony's combination of elegant design and reliable electronics, but from a technical point of view their products are hard to recommend. Let's hope they can come up with some real innovation this year.
  • epdm2be
    house70Sony needs to get on board with the hardware (bigger batteries, bigger storage, etc) and the software, particularly the updates (or just get on board with Google for a Nexus phone of their own).Then, and only then, they might have a shot at reaching their goal.
    No Sony just need to insert a microSD card slot in the Xperia U, S and P and then they WOULD HAVE HAD a winner. In fact Sony is a company run by clueless idiots like most big companies these days.

    1) insert microSDcard slots in EVERY device!!!
    2) provide FULL fuctionality of their former featurephones INCLUDING 2-way call recording!
    3) provide non-bastardized versions of their devices with a pure Android experience and if you really want to ADD something, then add something USEFULL! Like 2-way callrecording for instance!

    E.g. The Xperia U is a fantastic little device. Horribly let down by a measly 4Gb storage of which you have about -2GB left for actual use and NO bloody microSD-card slot! Bring that revised device out NOW WITH a microSDcard slot and Android 4.1 and it WILL sell. It's other capabilities are good, nice screen, love the collour bar at the bottom, it's reasonable loud, the weight is good, the price is good, the performance is reasonable for a dual core, it has enough ram, a jolly good camera (photos are a bit too yellow for my tast but its okay, really).... just that internal storage!

    The problem is always the same with ppl like e.g. my mum. She ALWAYS manages to drop her phone in some water and then when the bloody thing broke she ALWAYS complain that she's lost the photo's that where on her phone!

    There is a REASON why ppl want microSDcards, SONY!!! Listen to the people goddamnit!
  • wemakeourfuture
    Now I know how they have been losing +$1 billion this past year.

    Their tablet is crap, their smartphones are crap, their TVs have fallen behind. Their laptops are overpriced, etc, etc.
  • southernshark
    All someone needs to do is market a good smartphone for $199 with a micro SD slot.

    Do that and the company can sell tons of them. If they can sell a tablet for 200 then a smart phone should be no problem.
  • kinggraves
    The only thing Sony needs to do is go bankrupt. Their reputation was formed decades ago and their quality faltered along the way. They depend solely on brand recognition selling to uneducated customers. They only brand products other factories make so their devices are literally no better than anyone else's, yet they charge more. The one exception was their TVs, but they sold that share to Samsung. They consistently fail to deliver promised features or outright remove them. They try to force "new" forms of media they own the rights to so they can further profit. They could disappear from the market completely and nothing would actually be lost. Even when it comes to Playstation, all the 3rd party titles would just seep over to XBox.
  • darkavenger123
    The only thing keeping SONY alive is the Playstation brand. They had their time, now it's Samsung's turn.
    And they still try to foce you to buy their crappy expensive memory card on PS much can they make from this?? They should just use SD cards instead of pissing off everyone and lose all the customers..big time idiots.