Korean Air Has Two Starcraft II Planes

The Starcraft II launch is nearly upon us and we've preorder our special edition copies along with the rest of you. Most hardcore fans whipped themselves into a permanent frenzy a long time ago but that doesn't mean Blizzard can't help things along with a massive marketing campaign. And when we say massive, we mean massive.

Blizzard has joined up with Korean Air to promote StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. As a result of the partnership, passengers flying with the airline between July and December may be making their journey in a passenger plane with the dashing Jim Raynor on the side.

According to GameSpy, special films and paint were used to plaster Raynor's image and the Starcraft II logo on the side of a Boeing 747-400 and a Boeing 737-900. In addition, four Korean Air limousine buses will also sport new, StarCraft II designs.

The airline is hoping the campaign will help to market itself to younger people. "eSports is an established part of youth culture all around the world," said Yong-won Suh, executive VP of Korean Air. "We look forward to positioning ourselves as a global airline that appeals to the younger generation by operating airplanes wrapped with StarCraft II images and celebrating the launch of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty."

  • jerreece
    LOL Between the Starcraft II logo, and the pseudo Obama/Pepsi logo they could make a killing in advertising fees...
  • pharge
    hmm... Do passengers on that flight get some specifal starcraft 2 food? or.... blanket?

  • sliem
    I'd paint my car with SC2 logo ... if they would pay me.
  • gm0n3y
    stingstangSo that's where all the money from the collector's editions has gone. Crafty, Blizzard. Crafty.Love the pun.

    I was hoping that they were going to include a PC with SC2 + Keyboard/Mouse for passengers on their flights (at least first/business class).
  • dragonsqrrl
    South Korea is an awesome place to be if you're a huge Star Craft fan. They broadcast professional matches/tournaments on prime time TV.
  • zorky9
    Does it cloak?
  • razercultmember1
  • aznguy0028
    phargehmm... Do passengers on that flight get some specifal starcraft 2 food? or.... blanket?Yes, they'll be serving the special course of Zergling Filet Minon...alongside with a side of hydralisk brisket...with wine served from a special cloaked dark templar cup ;D
  • MadAdmiral
    Just seems like a waste of advertising money to me. It's not like many people will actually see it.
  • dragonfang18
    They should have a STARCRAFT II LAN PARTY on the plane! Its so awesome even the pilots will be playing!