Blizzard Details Heart of the Swarm Launch Events

On Tuesday Blizzard revealed its launch plans for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, reporting that as with the original release, launch parties will take place here in the States, France, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil and Mexico. These will begin in the evening of March 11, hosted by key retail partners and Blizzard developers.

To kick things off and follow the launch celebration as it spreads across the planet, Blizzard said that in conjunction with Twitch TV, the company will cohost a special 21-hour launch broadcast with eSports personality and commentator Sean "Day[9]" Plott. The stream will start at 3 a.m. PDT on March 11, and give viewers the opportunity to watch the Australia, South Korea, France and US launch events live.

"Viewers will also be treated to additional exclusive content, including community-created videos and 'King of the Beta' tournament matches between top pro gamers, hosted by Day[9], who’ll be transmitting from a bunker deep inside Blizzard’s Irvine HQ," Blizzard said.

Here in the States, the kickoff party will take place in The Great Wheel Court of the Irvine Spectrum Mall in Irvine, California. Festivities will start at 9:00 p.m. PDT (March 11) and feature special guest hosts from the StarCraft 2 and eSports community, including commentators Day[9] and Mike "Husky" Lamond.

"Live eSports show matches will be played by top pro gamers from the US and South Korea, and demonstrations will introduce the crowd to some of the powerful new features included in StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm," Blizzard said. "A series of epic prize giveaways will round out the celebration, and when the clock strikes midnight, gamers will be able to pick up their copies of the expansion as well as have them autographed by members of the StarCraft 2 development team."

Can't make it to the California event? Not to worry: thousands of stores worldwide will be open at midnight to welcome players and help roll out the next blockbuster StarCraft 2 chapter.

"The StarCraft community has been anticipating Heart of the Swarm for a long time," said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment, who is probably looking forward to the flood of revenue the expansion will bring. "I believe you will find it was worth the wait."

For more information about the launch broadcast feed, head here.

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    Snooze, wake me up when warcraft 4 is announced and no I don't mean another WoW expansion.
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    I love SC, but man do I sometimes wish I were a Korean. I'm not that good at SC, but I do enjoy and love it, especially custom maps.
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    I don't think its about being korean... its the environment and players you can train with...
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    so why exactly did they need to break up starcraft 2 into 3 games?