Steam Autumn Sale Outed by Indie Dev, Begins Nov. 21

No doubt with Thanksgiving just two days away, many are wondering when Steam's big Autumn Sale is set to kick off. According to Secret of the Magic Crystals developer Artery Studios, the sale is set to begin tomorrow, November 21st.

The indie developer posted on its blog about being approached by Valve to include Secret of the Magic Crystals for both its Autumn and Winter sales. It foolishly also included the dates for both (November 21st-27th for the Autumn Sale and December 20th-January 4th for the Winter Sale) in the post. Naturally, this made it's way to Reddit's r/gaming for mass exposure.

So there it is, in one fell stroke, Artery's managed to out to surprises for Valve. Though Steam holiday sales are like clockwork, the developer was kind enough to let gamers all know when they ought to gird their wallets.

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  • GoldenI
    Nice. It would be nice to see a great deal on AC: III, but the chances of that happening are slim.
  • tipmen
    All I want to say is Thank you Steam and sorry to my Wallet. While some people may disagree with Steam I see it as a savior to PC gaming and I am grateful for that. They created a good system where indie devs can put their creations out there. Some of the best ideas can come from the little guys and I have seen many good games come to greenlight that I would have never of known about. Also to sweeten the deal they honestly have good sales. Cheers to another holiday Steam sale!!!

    Thank you Steam/Valve
  • brettms71
    I think i just heard my wallet shriek in terror. So many games, so little time. Damn you work!
  • crewton
    Still haven't played all of them from the summer sale...bad me
  • stickmansam
    yay finally get all those games i want
    grab almost all my games from steam, gotta love em
  • Novulux
    Such a short article yet:
    "made it's way"
    "to out to surprises"
  • bustapr
    NOOOOOOOOO! My body and wallet are not ready!
  • tomfreak
    seems legit now... no midweek sales = guess they are skipping it for autumn sales lol
  • Phenis
    Wallets.... prepare your anus.
  • StormOfRazors
    Steam is THE Client that actually cares about PC gamers: it is kind to our wallets, it supports indie devs through greenlight, it conveniently manages patches and it is a stable and trustworthy platform. Which is why I hate it so much when a game I like makes me use another program like Origin or heavens forbid Games for Windows Live....
    It would be truly perfect if steam got rid of allowing publishers to charge significantly higher based on region though.. Regardless i am looking forward to the Sales!