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Super Talent Reveals its SuperNova SSD Series

Super Talent has released its new SuperNova SSD series of SATA3 drives that are pushed to both large corporations or a small companies, with its 3-year warranty and performance numbers of over 500 MB/s read and write speeds.

Performance Specifications
CapacitySeq. Read(MB/sec max)Seq. Write(MB/sec max)
128 GB555525
256 GB555525
IOPS (4KB block random read and random write)
128 GB90K85K
256 GB90K85K

To make the SuperNova Super Talent's most secure and efficient SSD to date, it uses highly prescreened ONFI synchronous MLC NAND flash memory that offer enterprise levels of reliability. In addition, SuperNova features thermal conductive silicon padding, which prevents overheating and requires less cooling. These two features help make the drive ideal for server use, along with its proprietary RAISE technology. Super Talent claims that RAISE technology virtually eliminates unrecoverable read errors.

The SuperNova drive is available in 128 GB and 256 GB capacities, which Super Talent has begun shipping to its distributors today. For more information on the SuperNova SSD, check out its data sheet here.