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All Microsoft Surface RT Models Are Now Sold Out

Microsoft's inventory for pre-launch supplies of its Surface RT tablet is now completely sold out. In the United States, both the $599 32GB and $699 64GB models that come equipped with a Touch Cover are now shipping one to two weeks after ordering.

The Surface RT's $499 32GB model, which is the least-expensive variant of the tablet and excludes the cover/keyboard add-on, has been sold out since last Wednesday. A day after Microsoft commenced pre-orders on the device, its shipping status was delayed to three weeks.

Elsewhere, Microsoft's Canadian, French, German and U.K. stores have also sold out of Surface RT models. Both the Canadian and U.K. online stores list a delay of one to two weeks for the two more expensive versions that come after the $499 variant, which is "Temporarily sold out." The French and German stores, meanwhile, confirmed all models have been back-ordered by one to two weeks.

If you now wish to obtain a Surface RT model without waiting for the delay, your only option is to pop into a Microsoft store on Friday.

While pre-order buzz doesn't necessarily showcase a device's commercial breadth in the long term, Microsoft has reportedly placed orders ranging from 3 to 5 million for Surface for the rest of 2012.

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  • mouse24
    A touch screen tablet type deal for 700? If you didn't need the touch screen feature I would just get a netbook or a slim/light notebook for cheaper and not to mention the screen would be protected in say a backpack or suit case.

    Can't think of a use for these other than looking cool walking down the street and getting jacked.
  • tipmen
    Hmm, I kind of saw this happening. Its not a bad tablet. Lets hope for competition sake they do well.
  • choobert
    i wish this tablet fad would go away.
  • joytech22
    Why is everyone so negative?
    These things aren't so bad.. Microsoft is venturing into a field they have little experience in (even though they previously released tablets that didn't succeed with) but this time around, there is a lot of hype around this particular technology.

    People want what is current, what is "now".
    Businesses want convenience, productivity and they want it cheap.

    This delivers on both fronts, you get a full office suite, a robust tablet that's easy to use and launches out the doors with accessories and it's below $1000 per unit.
  • deftonian
    mouse24A touch screen tablet type deal for 700? If you didn't need the touch screen feature I would just get a netbook or a slim/light notebook for cheaper and not to mention the screen would be protected in say a backpack or suit case.Can't think of a use for these other than looking cool walking down the street and getting jacked.
    Welcome to 2012 my friend. I'm not sure where you've been but upper end tablets have been between $499 - $899 in price for a while.

    Now to touch on your comparison to a notebook. These are considered ultra mobile which means no bulky laptop in your hands / lap. The battery life is WAY better on a tablet, they're lighter, have a mobile OS and not a real bulky OS. APPS! Think of them more as very large smart phones vs a computer. I have a Transformer Pad Infinity and absolutely love it. It's great to take to a restaurant or to my gf house, read in bed, use at work discretely O_O, and my favorite is the ability to take to the gym and stream netflix while I run. Can't do that with a laptop and a phone is too small. Point is, don't hate on tech just because you don't see a use in it for yourself.

    Enjoy your evening! :)
  • wormywyrm
    I will go check out the surface this friday if I have time. RT is clearly superior to apple and google's OS. Right now its just a question of which windows RT device to get or if its worth the extra weight to get the faster processor and backwards compatibility of windows 8.
  • jhansonxi
    I wonder how many of these purchases were by speculators planning to resell them on eBay.
  • ggibson
    I have never bought a tablet. I bought a Surface in the first 15 minutes. I STILL have not bought a tablet. This is not a tablet. This is a laptop packed into a very small and futuristic laptop form. True this is not the full Surface Pro yet... but I plan to use Desktop Remote from my Surface to map much bigger laptop at work and tower PC at home... and replace my Zune... AND I have dropped my phone services and got Skype for 2.99 a month because Skype on the Surface acts like a regular phone ... it can even alert you to a call when it is closed down in low power mode!
  • WIndows 8 is so touch oriented that making their own high end model makes sense. This allows MS compete with its partners at the high end while allowing the partners to address even more price points and helps execute a strategy that keeps the consumer within the larger MS ecosystem. Furthermore, it allows MS to emulate the Apple OS model in which they move their whole OS ecosystem en mass, take it or leave it. If they are able to execute this plan MS is poised to make a huge dent in the computing, tablet, home entertainment space. As always with MS this a huge IF.
  • DRosencraft
    BigMack70It's not that these tablets are bad, it's that tablets in general make no sense to me. I thought it was just Apple's loyal iSheep lining up for their yearly wallet shearing who would go for them in any meaningful way.To me, they sit in a no-man's land between smartphones and laptops and yet are more expensive than both. A smartphone can run almost all the apps that a tablet can. A laptop can do more than a tablet can. If you buy a tablet, there's a good chance you'll wind up needing a laptop anyways.I just don't see where they fit. They're kinda cool, but IMO that's about it.
    I do agree with you. Tablets make little sense to me. I have not seen a person yet who hasn't picked up a tablet and slapped on a keyboard to it. What is the point of buying a tablet at this point? At that point there's little sense in paying for a tablet when you can get a good laptop, possibly even an ultrabook, that does more and costs the same or less.

    But, I will admit that there are those who likely see some use in it. I won't bash them, but I will tell them their choice makes no sense to me, and please tell me why you made that choice.