$499 Microsoft Surface Tablet Option Already Sold Out

Only a day after the prices were announced for the tablet, the $499 model for Microsoft's Surface has seen its pre-orders delayed to three weeks.

The $499 model on Surface's product page is already showcasing a delay of 3 weeks, with the two other models that are being sold at higher prices being available for delivery by October 26.

Component supplier sources in Asia recent suggested that Microsoft will ship between 3 million and 5 million Surface tablets during the fourth quarter of 2012. The figures are reportedly in line with Amazon and Google for their Android-powered Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 tablets.

Microsoft has further showcased confidence in the tablet with chief executive Steve Ballmer suggesting that Surface's commercial performance could see the tablet selling "a few million" over the duration of the next 12 months.

Surface will officially launch alongside operating system Windows 8 on October 26.

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  • edogawa
    If they sell five-million, that is two billion five hundred million dollars.

    Hopefully the surface does what is promised, it looks to be a very promising product; I'd love one myself too.
  • southernshark
    I am holding out for the i5 option.
  • jhansonxi
    So what does "sold out" mean? How many pre-orders were available? A hundred? A billion? Seems a lack of context here.
  • freggo
    $499 to be a Beta Tester :-)
    Sorry, I don't think so; not for M$ and not for Apple either.
  • ltdementhial
    freggo$499 to be a Beta Tester :-)Sorry, I don't think so; not for M$ and not for Apple either.
    Well, thats the main difference, Apple release hardware with beta software, this time microsoft is doing that, but you're not payin to be a beta tester, in fact AFAIK microsoft gives away hardware to be a beta tester.

    Yes having Windows on ARM is a bit beta but at least is not like apple at all. i think windows 8 is going to be a bit of a researching product more than a beta one....they already have the Desktop users against Metro look and there is a high expentancy on their new tablets so they will release Windows 9 fast (2-2.5 years) but with windows we will see a more proper OS for both desktops, cellphones and pc's, even other smartgadgets like is happening with android and more importantly with great updates and service packs, and not the new os = new product that Apple and Google had made up.

    Don't get me wrong i love android but i hate to relay in Sony or samgun or motorola to release the new os to my cellphone way too much time after it is released and many of the times have to take the "custom room" highway i like more to have it like old time when Os updates where "universal" in a sort of.
  • cbfelterbush
    I like how the RT is sold out and is the shit version. Still nice, but not nearly as usefull as the Pro version that is coming out. I'd like to see them starting at $699 but alas I fear it will be a bit more than that.

    Probably only had a few thousand so they could say...Nope All sold out. It helps to make things seem like there is a lot of demand for the product and if everyone is in such a big hurry to get theirs, you should be to. Marketing.

  • jcurry23
    I am just going to sit back and see what happens with all the windows 8 stuff coming out. I will continue to use win 7 and my android tablet and phone.
  • CaedenV
    jhansonxiSo what does "sold out" mean? How many pre-orders were available? A hundred? A billion? Seems a lack of context here.all 20 that were featured in the commercial were sold
  • spentshells
  • twelch82
    The Pro version with the pen is the only one I'd consider buying. I don't know if I will or not.