Nvidia Names New Head of Tegra Chip Division

On Monday Nvidia said Deepu Talla has been promoted to lead the company's Tegra business unit, and is replacing Philip Carmack who is moving on to become the CEO of an unnamed partner company. Carmack's last day will be May 15 after serving the Santa Clara-based GPU company for more than a decade.

In a blog written by Bob Sherbin, vice president of corporate communications at Nvidia, Carmack was described as "building Tegra from scratch to a three-quarters of a billion dollar business." He established Nvidia's mobile business just three years after signing on with the company as vice president of business development in 2000.

Prior to that, Carmack served as executive vice president of research and development at 3dfx Interactive (which Nvidia acquired in 2000); senior vice president and chief operating officer at Gigapixel; and chief executive officer and founder of Raydiant, a graphics silicon technology company. Carmack also invented the world’s first quad-core Variable Symmetric Processing architecture

Deepu, who joined Nvidia earlier this year as vice president of Tegra business development, previously spent more than ten years at the semi-conductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. His most recent role before leaving the company was General Manager of the OMAP mobile computing business.

Carmack's departure follows Stan Boland, the founder of phone baseband chipmaker Icera which was acquired by Nvidia in 2011. He stayed on with Nvidia as the SVP of mobile communications up until October 2012 when he departed for Neul, a UK-based wireless startup. Neul is developing wireless chips that will access the emerging white spaces broadband segment.

On Monday Nvidia's Sherbin also said that the company is combining Tegra’s design team into a larger, engineering structure, which will be now fully centralized across the company. "This new org structure reflects the central importance of Tegra – not only in our mobile strategy, but increasingly in PCs, gaming, auto and beyond," he said.

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  • spartanmk2
    Looks like their gtx 7xx cards arent the only things getting "refreshed" ;)
  • redeemer
    Nvidia should just cut Tegra as a total loss, Samsung who is the biggest Android manufacturer will continue to use its own proprietary solutions (Exynos) same with Apple. Qualcomm will continue to be the preferred choice over here in North America. Hopefully they can catch a break and sign some big deals, mainly Nexus devices
  • spartanmk2
    Looks like their gtx 7xx cards arent the only things getting "refreshed" ;)