Tom's is on Twitter; Follow Us!

Twitter is huge these days and with all that Ashton Kutcher versus CNN business out of the way, we'd like to introduce you to our very own Twitter accounts, @tomshardware and @tomsguide.

We'll be updating every day (not too much, no one likes to be spammed) with links to just posted articles, reviews, picture stories and news. There are two separate accounts for Tom's Hardware and Tom's Guide, so if you're interested in both hardware and consumer electronics, hit 'follow' on both.

Aside from those accounts, the news team has set up its own Twitter account, which will be a little different. We will, of course, be using our Twitter at trade shows and events, keeping you as up to speed as possible but we also want you to think of this as a way to send us tips for interesting stories. There's ample news every day and covering (or even seeing) it all is near impossible. Send us tips and help us make our coverage even better!

Alright so links to our own stories are great, but what else? When we write the news, we happen upon a lot of interesting nuggets around the web, which is why we're also going to be using @tomsnews for interesting links that the news team stumbles upon during all those hours they spend online, working for the internet. It could be info on a sale at Best Buy or just a link to an interesting video on YouTube; whatever it is, you'll find it on our Twitter. We also make fun of Tuan a lot, which never really gets old when you think about it.

Click on the links above to see our Twitter pages. The other two accounts have seven months on us, so we have exactly zero followers, help us out! Don't be shy, you don't even need to sign up for Twitter to see our updates. You can bookmark our pages and just check back once in a while to see what we're up to.

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  • tenor77
    I think you're barking up the wrong tree
  • B-Unit
    Twitter is for twits...
    i hate twitter...