LaCie's PetiteKey Blends in With Your Car Keys

On Thursday LaCie introduced a new USB stick that's shaped like a house key. It's called the PetiteKey, and comes with a keychain hole so that it can be carried around with other real keys without drawing attention to possible thieves looking to steal personal info or media. Even more, users can password protect the USB stick's contents just in case it's stolen or lost.

"Don't underestimate the PetiteKey's strength because of its small size," the company said. "The USB key's metal shell is waterproof up to 100 meters. Users never need to worry about their data being damaged or erased by water damage, which is one of the biggest causes of accidental data loss. The thumb drive protects data even if it's dropped in a mud puddle or put through the washing machine."

Designed by 5.5 Designers, the PetiteKey's cap-free connector is scratch-proof, so it won't get scuffed by other keys in a pocket, purse or backpack. It also comes packed with LaCie's Private-Public software which protects important and confidential files using state-of-the-art encryption technology. Users don't need to install the software – simply plug the PetiteKey into a USB 2.0 or higher port, launch the auto-loading software, and enter a password to gain access to its contents.

"A businessman who works from home and at the office needs a safe and secure way to transport data back and forth," LaCie said. "The AES 256-bit encryption and password protection keeps his data secure if he misplaces the flash drive."

The LaCie PetiteKey is currently available in 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB capacities through the LaCie Online Store and through LaCie Resellers starting at $14.99. It comes with a one-year subscription to LaCie's Wuala Secure Cloud Storage service which allows users to back up the PetiteKey's contents (at a 1:1 GB ratio) to the cloud so that the files are available on the go when the stick isn't present.

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  • classzero
    This is not that new, I have the Imakey and looked the the cookey for years. This is just a slightly shorter Imakey. I have been pleased with the Imakey line. They run a little more for then the competitors, but you don't get a cheap plastic made device.
  • where's USB 3.0 though ?
  • deadlockedworld
    They have had this for a long time now ...
  • jacobdrj
    deadlockedworldThey have had this for a long time now ...I smell web traffic fluff...

    Still, toys like this are good info...
  • hate machine
    I have the Cookey, pretty nice solid metal USB drive on my keychain. Shame these things scratch up so bad being with your keys.
  • manny_bones
    Water restant to 100 meters? That's good, because if you drop your key into water that deep, finding some actually trained to dive that far to retrieve it would be way more expensive than just buying another one.
  • daysyang
    love these lacie key... i have an iamakey, too bad the only usb 3.0 is the rugged one.
  • pedro_mann
    anon76542where's USB 3.0 though ?I was disappointed by that too. It keeps this from being "ultimate" to just "damn good".
    Needs to be said again. Really, USB 2.0? C'mon LaCie! Get with the times.

    Maybe they'll have one for Thunderbolt come out in a year or two.
  • mousseng that it can be carried around with other real keys without drawing attention to possible thieves looking to steal personal info or media.

    Um... wouldn't they be more interested in stealing my car than my porn...?

    I could be totally missing the point there, though.