Virgin Tops Netflix UK's ISP Index

Netflix has once again provided an update on the best UK and Irish ISPs for streaming video. The video-on-demand service first published this list back in December and based its findings off of the average performance of all Netflix streams on each ISP in November. Netflix, which has only been in the UK market for a little over a year said in January that it plans to release the list every month.

This month, Netlfix is launching a brand new site for customers to learn about the best ISPs in their country. Dubbed the "Netflix ISP Speed Index," the website shows the best ISP for each country (the tool includes all of the countries Netflix is active in) as well as the highest, lowest and average speeds.

As for March's ratings, the list of UK ISPs stayed the same right the way down through one to six. In Ireland, things were a bit different. UPC lost its top spot to Magnet, while Imagine was forced to take sixth place as Vodafone jumped up to fifth. 

The average speed of a Virgin connection is 2.37Mbps, while Ireland's Magnet ISP posted 2.12Mbps. Last month, Virgin's average speeds was 2.30Mbps while UPC's 2.09.

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