Virgin Mobile Looking into 4G Service On EE's Network

Last month, UK telecoms regulator Ofcom gave Everything Everywhere the go-ahead to repurpose existing spectrum for 4G LTE coverage. Eager to roll out a 4G network, the parent company of T-Mobile and Orange was willing to sacrifice some of its own spectrum to do so. As you might imagine, competitors of Everything Everywhere aren't pleased at the prospect of being left behind. However, it seems Virgin Mobile may be jumping on board and rolling out its own 4G network based on EE's network.

MacWorld reports that the MVNO has confirmed that it's in talks with Everything Everywhere to launch 4G services on the carrier's upcoming LTE network. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, Virgin Mobile already runs its service using Everything Everywhere's network so it makes sense that it would want a piece of EE's 4G pie. Especially when you consider the fact that other carriers will be months behind because they're stuck waiting on Ofcom's spectrum auction.

Everything Everywhere plans to roll out its 4G LTE service in the coming weeks starting with London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham. The company says its 4G network will cover a third of the UK population by the end of 2012. Outside of 4G cities, there will, of course, be access to regular 3G coverage. EE plans to expand its coverage quickly, covering 70 percent of the population by next year. The goal is for 98 percent of the UK population to be covered by 2014.

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  • Did i land in the Euro section? Where is the U.S News please?
  • bigdog44
    So I guess Europe has to suffer with Virgin Mobiles inferior products, programs that are near impossible to remove from your hardware and complete lack of customer service just like the US...