Vizio Shows New Windows 8 PCs Thin+Light, AIO, Notebook

Vizio announced on Friday its own lineup of Windows 8 products slated to arrive before the end of the year. The company joins a batch of other OEMs like Sony, Acer, Dell and more that just recently revealed their laptops, Ultrabooks, tablets and hybrids fine-tuned for Microsoft's upcoming OS.

For starters, Vizio introduced two desktop products: a 24-inch and 27-inch All-In-Ones with 10-finger capacitive touchscreen technology, a 1080p display and a 2.1 audio system with subwoofer. The company is also adding two Windows 8 Ultrabooks (14-inch and 15.6-inch "Thin+Light"), and a 15.6-inch notebook with a Full HD display.

"Both the Thin + Light and Notebook models feature an enhanced multi-gesture touchpad that allows users the ability to navigate Windows 8’s touch-centric features using the same swipe, tap and pinch gestures as they would on the screen of the All-in-One PC," Vizio said.

All three form factors and their various configurations can be seen here in a simple lineup. However here are some of the features shared across all three:

* 3rd generation Intel Core processors
* The latest touchscreen display and touchpad technologies
* Custom-tuned SRS Premium Sound HD audio system
* Brilliant picture quality, high contrast and wider viewing angles
* Select models feature Nvidia Kepler-Class GeForce GPU graphics
* Microsoft Signature for Windows

"The new All-in-One Touch PCs with Windows 8 are extremely user friendly, bringing both entertainment and power to the user’s fingertips," said Matt McRae, Vizio Chief Technology Officer. "We focused on delivering an enhanced touchscreen and touchpad experience so users can utilize multi-gesture touch options however they’re most comfortable.  Not only can customers tap, swipe or pinch directly on the All-in-One’s screen, but they can also utilize the same gestures on the integrated touchpads of the Thin + Light and Notebook PCs."

The Vizio All-in-One Touch PCs with Windows 8 can be found on as well as at key retailers such as Walmart,, Sam’s Club, and this holiday season, starting at $999. The Vizio Thin + Light models can now be pre-ordered on, starting at $849. The 15.6-inch Notebook is also available, starting at $1,129.

For more information about Vizio's lineup, here are links to each model:

* 14-inch Thin + Light (CT14-A4)
* 15.6-inch Thin + Light (CT15-A4) (Core i5-3317U)
* 15.6-inch Thin + Light (CT15-A5) (Core i7-3517U)
* 15.6-inch Notebook (CN15-A5)
* 24-inch All-in-One (CA24-A4)
* 24-inch All-in-One Touch PC (CA24T-A3) (Core i3-3110M)
* 24-inch All-in-One Touch PC (CA24T-A4) (Core i5-3210M)
* 27-inch All-in-One (CA27-A4)
* 27-inch All-in-One Touch PC (CA27T-A5)

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  • friskiest
    CNet reviews seems to like Vizio's PC offerings, even praising their screens which I believe uses an IPS panel similar to the Macbooks.

    If they can put more value in their products like they do with their TVs, this will sell out pretty good.
  • Before manufacturers released specs on their windows-8 ultrabooks, the vizio thin+light line seemed really appealing to me because of the nice price and very nice screen, if anything. But these upper-end laptops are finally getting the upper-end screens they deserve , so vizio doesn't stand out and will really need to win my purchase over an acer s7
  • boiler1990
    I'm not really sure how Vizio will fare in the PC market, but damn those AIOs look nice.
  • belardo
    Not sure why VIZO wants to bother...
  • aftcomet
    Hate AIOs with a passion.
  • Inferno1217
    aftcometHate AIOs with a passion.I love them. i get paid good money to install them.