Vodafone Talks About the New Lumia (Before Nokia)

Nokia is ensuring its new Lumia is the worst kept secret in the phone industry. Between rogue print ads and videos showing up on its own website, Nokia is probably hoping its 'strategic' leaks will build up some hype for its next phone and Vodafone is jumping on the bandwagon. The UK carrier wants people to know it will be carrying Nokia's new Lumia when it does become available.


Vodafone UK has published a blog post talking about 'something big, bold and beautiful' coming and stating that it's on board. Though its lips are "firmly sealed" on the finer details (such as, oh, a product name), the company said it's 'proud' to be stocking the next chapter in the Lumia story.

"We love the Nokia Lumia range, so this is a no brainer – the unique colours, the solid build and brilliant designs marry up perfectly with the slickness of Windows Phone 8," the carrier gushed. "We currently stock the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 520 and 620, and we can’t wait to bring any new members of the Lumia family into the fold."

Little is known about the Lumia 928's specs; however, Nokia has shown off the device's camera and audio recording capabilities. The unveiling is set for Tuesday, May 14, so stay tuned.

  • Aoyagi
    And again, they talk about being pretty instead of functions.
  • sandsdawha
    Even After the update you still cant put Static IP on it, which is useful specially for non dhcp networks.
  • Bloob
    Umm.. 928 is officially revealed, but afaik it's Verizon exclusive. Codenames Catwalk and EOS might be revealed on the 14th though.
  • ojas
    Lumia's are good phones, now if only MS can fix WP8
  • olaf
    To bad it will run windows
  • code name
    Lumia 928 $100 vs. IPhone 5 $200 & Samsung S-4 $250 with 2yr contract. Think about it?