Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Announced for PC

Monday, THQ said that a PC version of its upcoming 3rd-person Action RPG/Shooter Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will launch alongside the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions in "early 2011."

According to Canadian-based developer Relic Entertainment, the loyal PC audience is "incredibly important" to the company. They should be: Relic was strictly a PC developer until 2006 when it launched its first console title, The Outfit for the Xbox 360.

"We are delighted to be able to announce the PC version of the game," Relic's General Manager Jonathan Dowdeswell said.

The premise of Space Marine sounds rather typical of most action-oriented shooters as of late: players are thrust into the boots of "one of humanity’s elite soldiers, genetically engineered and equipped with state of the art weapons and armor." Players find themselves in the middle of a battle to defend an Imperial Forge World from an invasion by the Orks.

"Through extensive genetic modification, psycho-chemical conditioning and years of rigorous training that would kill a normal man, a Space Marine becomes superhuman," reads the game's description. "When one of the industrial ‘Forge World’ planets where humanity creates its greatest weapons comes under attack and the thousands of imperial soldiers stationed there are overwhelmed, the only thing standing between this planet and its total destruction is your Space Marine."

Currently the game's website only plays host to a small description and a trailer. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.

  • sirmorluk
  • unholygregor
  • megahustler
    Serve the Emperor!
  • Dirtman73
    Even if they decide to price the game at $60, it's still hella cheaper than playing the tabletop version!
  • Sykar
    I'd much rather like to play as Chaos thoough... Blood for the Blood God!!!
    I was disappointed when in DoW II: Chaos Rising, you didn't play as Chaos but against them :/.
  • moomooman
    Would it kill anyone in Game workshop to ok a first rate FPS in the WH40K universe?
  • noodlegts
  • adikos
    Wonder if this will be opened ended, linear, or both. plenty of FPS have gotten into the linear with twists, like borderlands and the newer wolfenstein. you have side quests/storylines but its driven by the main story.

    eitherway its good to see they are bringing more to the PC table.
  • gm0n3y
    Didn't realize that Relic was company behind this. Their head development studio is right by my work.
  • unholygregor