This is HP's 10-inch WebOS Tablet, the Topaz

We know HP Palm has got some big plans for WebOS. The company has an event planned for February 9, and until today, we had very little information as to what that event was about. Widely believed to be a tablet and smartphone affair when the invitations were sent out, there’s now little doubt as to what we can expect from the San Fransisco launch.

Engadget received the following renders from a 'trusted tipster' who claims the tablet depicted is one of two that HP will announce next month. Dubbed the Topaz, the device boasts a 9-inch touchscreen, a front-facing camera and a micro USB port on the bottom. 

HP is also expected to launch a 7-inch tablet called the Opal, which is scheduled for a September launch on Verizon and a summer 2012 launch on AT&T. Though release dates aren't solid yet, it sounds as though the Topaz will hit first and both will be packing a 1.2 GHz CPU.

Nothing more specific than that in terms of specifications, though the reported September release has us worried already. We’re seeing some badass Tegra 2 devices and it's only January. Another nine months and who knows what the tablet market will look like. 

Hit up the link for more pictures!

  • xantek24
    its just a big palm pre....i dont know any with a palm pre...its just me.
  • dEAne
    So this is what HP is hiding, quite good looking gadgets thought.
  • house70
    "This is HP's 10-inch WebOS Tablet"
    "Dubbed the Topaz, the device boasts a 9-inch touchscreen"

    make up your mind, people.
  • coffee_man
    this looks abit ugly. plz companys stop using plastic !
  • Tedders
    house70"This is HP's 10-inch WebOS Tablet""Dubbed the Topaz, the device boasts a 9-inch touchscreen"make up your mind, people.I know what you mean. Its probably something like a 9.7" screen which they just market as a 10". Its starting to get like hard drives!
  • cptnjarhead
    Sweet.. WebOS on a tablet is very cool.
    I love my Pre Plus.. but i was envious of the ipad... now i can feel included.. I know its stupid.. but i cannot bring myself to buy an apple product.. i have used the ipad and the iphone.. both are awesome.... i just cannot bring myself to buy one. I am very excited. :)
  • g00fysmiley
    palm peopel are a definate minority now.. but i'm excited, i'd love a WebOS tab... though on the phone front they need to do somethign fast cause the palm pre 2... quite frankly is terrible just a palm pre origional with a faster clock speed
  • tipoo
    Not a huge fan of glossy black plastic, but a WebOS tablet would be sweet.Hope they do things right.
  • stevelord
    How about one with a rubberized body for good grip? Like a few certain cellphones have.
  • Thor
    Hope a soon day they will build tablet of 14 inches size (8.5"x 11")
    Which will be very good to read magazines.

    Tablet today are too small.