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Wii U Pro Controller Not Compatible With Wii Games

It seems like Nintendo's marketing team really has its work cut out for itself. Considering the amount of confusion surrounding the console and its touchscreen controller, new information recently uncovered about the hardware compatibility with Wii U controllers is enough to make one's head hurt from repeated facepalming.

After concerns were raised about the fact that the Wii U will support only two gamepads (and only one at launch), Nintendo revealed its Wii U pro controller. Essentially, it's a completely redesigned Wii Classic Controller Pro channeling the Xbox 360. Lately, the company's been trumpeting the fact that the Wii U Pro controller boasts a battery life of 80 hours on a single charge, impressive compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360's controllers meager 20-30 hours.

Yet, the Wii U Pro controller has a bit of a flaw. Despite the Wii U's backward compatibility with Wii games, an original Wii Classic Controller Pro is required to play the games. Yes, that means gamers who buy the Wii U hoping to play Wii games will have to drop some extra cash to get their hands on a Wii Classic Controller Pro.

The Wii Classic Controller Pro is retailing for only $20, so it hardly costs an arm and a leg to get your hands on one if you so wish. It is a bit of a minor nuisance when you factor in the fact that you already dropped a few Benjamins on a fresh new console.

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