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Windows 7 Ad Highlights Mac's Lack Of Blu-ray

You might remember a long time ago when Steve Jobs dubbed Blu-ray 'a bag of hurt' and basically removed any hope of the format ever being supported by Macs. Well, this little ad from Microsoft has us remembering that day and wondering if Steve ever imagined his statement about Blu-ray would one day be the focus of a commercial from one of his biggest rivals.

This cute-as-a-button-on-a-toddler's-jammies commercial from Microsoft could easily go the way of the snide 'I'm a Mac' commercials from Apple but instead shows two notebooks (teehee) watching Avatar on Bluray while on a long flight in an aeroplane fashioned from a shuttlecock and a Campbell's soup cans. All together now, AWWW!

Source: Microsoft (YouTube) via Engadget

  • willgart
    well... who travel with his blue ray library? (especialy when the Avatar blue ray package allready contains the encoded movie!) ;)
    but its a nice adv.
  • tical2399
    Ad is ok but if you want to me effective you need to hit harder and explicitly say something like "too bad macs don't have blu ray. No need to be subtle.
  • vant
    I don't own a single Bluray disc. I find downloading movies to be much more economical for my college budget.

    But yeah, I guess if I could afford Bluray movies over renting DVDs at redbox for $1 a day having the ability to play it on my 13.3" screen would be nice?
  • outlw6669
    tical2399Ad is ok but if you want to me effective you need to hit harder and explicitly say something like "too bad macs don't have blu ray. No need to be subtle.Nah, keep it classy Microsoft.
    No need to stoop down to Steve's level...
  • jhansonxi
    I waiting for Sony to come out with an ad about Blu-ray on the Xbox.
  • LuckyDucky7
    How about this ad for Microsoft:

    You can't hold a Windows Phone wrong.
    You can open a Windows computer if it needs an upgrade.
    You can log in to a Windows computer with your finger.
    Windows computers are always more powerful for the same price.
    Windows computers support every device you plug in.
    Macs need antivirus too.
    Windows Media Player 12 is better than iTunes.
    Our $2400 computers don't hit 212 degrees F during normal use.

    Windows computers do what iWon't.
  • Gin Fushicho
    Nice commercial, I love it.
  • Parsian
    lol good ad, i especially like the art style and the ending that says, it was made on PC.

    It would be cool for them show more features as well

  • reggieray
    Not a big MS fan but I liked the advertisement.
  • j3ff86
    The stupid thing about this ad is that Windows 7 by itself has no Blu-ray disc playback support. Windows Media Center can play Blu-ray discs, but you need PowerDVD or Arcsoft Totalmedia installed, which start at $50.